Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Eating Out: Smug Fig and Let Minnow Cafe

Hello, and welcome to a post MoFo world. I am looking forward to easing back into regular blogging life and frequency. Which is to say, as I feel like it. But I still have lots of content to share, and I am continually adding to it. I need to keep on eating, after all!

Today's post is two restaurants that I visited out of interest. I always like visiting when there is a vegan option. For different reasons, I won't be hurrying back to either. So I figured they'd do well to share a post.

Smug Fig

I visited this place one day post yoga, as it is just a few minutes walk from my studio and I'd seen some people recommend it on Instagram. Their vegan options are pretty standard - avocado toast variation, acia bowl, chia coconut pudding, and a bowl. I got the bowl, which had an assortment of roasted vegetables and hummus. It looks like they have changed the contents according to their current menu. It was a nice bowl, with nice flavours. But I really needed some bread or something a bit more carby and solid with it, or a bit more protein, as it didn't really fill me up. I also had a strawberry, apple, and mint juice. If your non-vegan friends suggest going here, you know that you have some options. But nothing that would jump out at me to go back again.

Roasted Veg and Hummus at The Smug Fig

Strawberry Lemon Apple Mint Juice at The Smug Fig

Let Minnow Cafe:

I'm not in a rush to go back here for a different reason. This place is only about five minutes walk from one of our clinics, so I thought I'd give it a try and duck out to grab lunch one day when I was working there. Alas, there was no ducking out about it. I waited for 40 minutes for my food to arrive after ordering! I was so stressed, I was about to cancel my order and leave as I had to get back to the clinic, but then it came. I know somedays kitchens run more behind than others, and I'm normally willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But I'm afraid to say all that waiting and I was severely underwhelmed by my Kickstarter Bowl. It claimed to have tofu scramble, citrus kale, winter vegetables, pickles, a pakora, and beetroot hummus, and I ordered a baguette on the side. The scramble was basically just salt and pepper on soggy tofu, the vegetables were soggy steamed broccolini and asparagus, barely any kale, a lukewarm pakora.... the hummus was OK but not really beetroot flavoured. The pickles were the best bit. And the baguette. I also got a Coral Trout juice, which had carrot, apple and ginger juice with frozen beetroot juice cubes. They do have some other vegan options (again, avocado toast, a burger, bircher muesli, a mushroom burger), and I have heard better reports about it than mine. But given that there are so many other amazing vegan friendly places in the area, I'd rather go somewhere that I know will satisfy.

Kickstarter Bowl (tofu scramble, citrus kale, winter vegetables, pickles, pakora, beetroot hummus) and bagette at Let Minnow

Coral Trout Juice (carrot, apple, beetroot cubes, ginger) at Let Minnow

Smug Fig - 999 Stanley Street East, East Brisbane 4169 - (07) 3392 2033

Let Minnow Cafe - 57 Park Ave, Clayfield QLD 4011 - (07) 3357 8771

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

After a month of having to share photos with other cats on the blog, Dim Sim would like to remind you of her preferred state. The only cat.


  1. It's such a bummer when food is just so so. That is one of many reasons I barely eat out! You always find such delicious food, you definitely don't need to go back to those places!
    Dim Sim looks very happy to be solo!

    1. We definitely have lots of choice in Brisbane, and so many places that I love.

  2. "The scramble was basically just salt and pepper on soggy tofu" -- bleh, I would have been super disappointed by that!
    Sweet Dim Sim!

    1. Someone really needs to have a chat to their chef. Tofu is amazing. People who don't know how to cook tofu are why people think tofu is not good.

  3. Ugh, I feel like tofu scramble is one of the most common letdowns at non-vegan restaurants. I don't think tofu is complicated at all. And yet, chefs really mess it up with under seasoning or with using turmeric as the only spice. (Yes, it's yellow, but it has very little in terms of flavor.) I'm tempted by tofu scramble, because vegan breakfasts/brunches are really hard to come by in Iowa. But 9 times out of 10, it's a letdown. I'm glad you have lots of other options!

    1. For years I thought I hated tofu just because I had never had it cooked properly. It is places like these who perpetuate the myth. Restaurants should only use ingredients that they actually know how to use properly.