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Recipe Round-Up: Keep It Vegan

Keep It Vegan by Aine Carline continues to be one of my favourite vegan cookbooks ever. I have made a lot of recipes from it, and it never lets me down. I just got my hands on a copy of her newest cookbook, Cook Share Eat Vegan, which is a thing of beauty! But her original will never lose its special place in my heart. You can see the other recipes I have blogged from Keep It Vegan here.

Simple Scrambled Tofu and Vegetable Rosti with Smoky Roasted Salsa: A good, basic scrambled tofu recipe is a must for any vegan cook. Aine's version uses curry powder and lemon juice to give it flavour, as well as including some spinach to pack in some greens. While recommended to be served with hot toast, I served it along side her rosti and salsa recipe. The rosti are a mix of zucchini, carrot, and potato, and are delicate but hold together well. Be sure to be generous with their seasoning. I got 5 smallish rosti's fro this recipe. The smoky roasted salsa is meant to be a mix of tomato and capsicum, but you can bet that I left out the capsicum. It was lovely with just the tomato (which are roasted with balsamic vinegar).
Rating: Scramble :), Rosti and Salsa :)

Simple Scrambled Tofu; Vegetable Rosti with a Smoky Roasted Salsa

Savoury Pudla Pancake and Avocado Sauce: I love pudla, those chickpea flour pancakes. They are simple, fast, filling, and can be flavoured anyway you like. This one had peas, corn, and spring onion in the batter. I am terrible at making large pancakes of any description, they always break apart when I try and flip then, and this was no exception. But you could make smaller ones if you wanted. I was just making one all for myself,so it really didn't matter. The taste was still great! I served this with some Avocado Sauce, a quick blend of avocado, soy yoghurt, lime, and seasoning. It was a lovely match.
Rating: Pudla :), Avocado Sauce :)

Savoury Pudla Pancake; Avocado Sauce

Cocoa and Peanut Butter Overnight Oats: This was meant to be made with almond butter, but I am a peanut butter girl at heart. Plus, almond butter is so expensive here that I look for ways to replace with peanut butter where possible. The recipe says it serves one, but I know my appetite is pretty hearty. I tripled it for a decent sized start to me day. I didn't add any sweetener, which lead to a lovely, rich breakfast. I added some blueberries to lighten it up a bit.
Rating: :)

Cocoa and Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Snickerdoodle Quinoa Bowl with Apple Slices: I foolishly quartered this recipe to make a single serve, which ended up being a very small serve indeed. Which is sad, because this tasted really good. My big issue was that the quinoa took forever to cook, and I had to add lots of extra oat milk, and even then it never went fully fluffy. But that may have been an issue with my grains. The caremelised apples are such a nice addition.
Rating: :)

Snickerdoodle Quinoa Bowl with Apple Slices

Breakfast Brownie with a Strawberry Bottom: I made a half recipe of this for one serve (a full recipe makes two). It isn't really very brownie like at all, rather a chocolate oat layer baked on top of fresh strawberries. I did find that the oat layer was really thick, there was a lot of oats, and even when I used extra strawberries the ratio still wasn't quite my ideal. I might halve the oat recipe and double the amount of strawberries for next time. Depending on the sweetness of your strawberries, you may want to add a touch of maple syrup to them before baking.
Rating: :)

Breakfast Brownie with a Strawberry Bottom

Summer Berry 'Buttermilk' Pancakes: I love pancakes, and these are sweet and easy. They are bulked up a little with some mashed bananas added to the batter (if you are reading this Amy, I know you are horrified right now). My banana was a little firm, so I blitzed it up with the soy milk to make sure if was properly dispersed through the batter, rather than just mashing and mixing. I used my ice cream scoop to add 1 1/2 scoops per pancake, and ended up with 8 12cm pancakes, and one slightly smaller one. They are topped with candied walnuts, though I used pecans as I prefer them. I only made 1/4 recipe of the nuts, which was just right for three people.
Rating; :)

Summer Berry 'Buttermilk' Pancakes

Toasted Breakfast Burrito: Savoury breakfasts are my main preference, though I must admit that I made these for dinner. These have the classic mix of scrambled tofu, beans, and guacamole. I really liked the scrambled tofu recipe here, it is nicely seasoned with garlic and mustard. The guac recipe calls for 50g of fresh coriander, but that is a huge amount! I had a 15g bunch, which was more than enough. The only downside is that in toasting the burritos, the guac heated up, and I have some issues with warm avocado. I used my sandwich press to toast them, but she toasts them in a pan in the instructions.
Rating: :)

Toasted Breakfast Burrito

Super Green Smoothie: I love a green smoothie! Normally I switch out kale for baby spinach, but I had some kale kicking around and decided to brave it. Normally I find kale to bitter in smoothies. I did use a bit less than required, as I only had 85g rather than 100g. I was also very lazy, and did not peel and seed my cucumber, or peel my apple. The more the merrier. This was sweet and citrusy (thanks to dates, lemon and lime juice), and nicely masked the flavour of the kale. I should note I only used two dates, rather than three. It also has cinnamon in it, which I love a lot, so that gave a great taste.
Rating: :)

Super Green Smoothie

Super-Fast Broccoli Soup: From green smoothies to green soup. This is indeed a very fast recipe, which is great for a quick lunch. It says it serves two, though these would be two big bowls worth. It has a nice creamy broccoli flavour, and is great with a grilled cheese sandwich.
Rating: :)

Super-Fast Broccoli Soup

Broad Bean Fritters with a Tangy Cucumber Salad: I made this for dinner for two people, but really it would be a light lunch for two or a dinner for one. The patties are really tasty, a lovely mix of beautiful green broad beans and lots of spices. The pickled cucumber is very quick to make as well, and adds a nice brightness to the dish. Served with salad, pita, and hummus.
Rating: :)

Broad Bean Fritters with a Tangy Cucumber Salad

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