Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Sydney OzComicCon 2017 Part 1

Sydney 2017 was my final OzComicCon. It all started on Friday, when I flew down to Sydney to be reading for the weekend ahead. Unfortunately, I woke up on Friday feeling rather unwell, and it didn't get any better as the weekend went on. Blergh. To help me feel better, when I got to the airport I got a cup of vegan mushroom and tofu pho from Roll'd. I also managed to find a place that had turmeric lattes!

Pho from Roll'd

When we arrived in Sydney and got to the hotel, I settled myself and took a short walk to the Westfield to pick up a pita from Sabbaba for lunch. They had quite a few vegan options, and I picked the Tel Aviv, which had falafel, hummus, salad, pickle and hot chips. It was good, and the pita was so soft and fresh. Very nice!

Pita from Sabbaba

Unfortunately after this yummy lunch I found a place that had gelato and sorbets, and they had a range of fruit sorbets that I was told was vegan. I picked one, took a bite, went back, and was told Oooops! Every one of the flavours in that cabinet is vegan... except that one that is full of dairy. BLERGH. They replaced it for me, and I was feeling gross so didn't want to really eat anything, but I just needed something to get rid of te dairy film that coated my mouth. BLERGH.

Thankfully I only had a few hours of feeling very unhappy in my tummy, but I was able to feel OK to eat dinner before the cocktail party that night. I went to Mother Chu's, which has been in Sydney forever and yet I have never been to it before, even when I lived there! I ordered a steamed BBQ bun (as a single diner, I liked that I could order a single serve). Also, because I am that vegan, I ordered some tofu, mushrooms and veggies for my main. It was so good! I love tofu and mushrooms together, and the savoury brown sauce was just what I was craving to fully settle my tummy.

Bao from Mother Chu's

Mushrooms and Tofu from Mother Chu's

The cocktail party was OK, but I was glad to get to bed. Unfortunately my cold meds didn't do much to help me sleep through the night, so I was pretty exhausted as well as since on Saturday. I had some overnight oats at the hotel, and then some fruit salad provided by the venue for breakfast. For lunch, I had chosen the quinoa, pumpkin and coconut salad. This picture makes it look like a tiny cup, but it was actually a huge tub. It was a ridiculous amount of quinoa! I also had a little plate of vegan things smuggled to me from the green room. I was so full after this.

Giant quinoa salad

Snacks from the green room

We were at the new convention centre at Darling Harbour this year, which was nice because we could walk to and from there from the hotel (last year we had to catch shuttles and were at the mercy of their timetable). It was quite a pretty walk along Darling Harbour.

Darling Harbour

I had to break my Sydney post into two so it wasn't just ridiculously long, so be sure to look out for the next post where I go to two of my favourite food places ever!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Of course no trip away is complete without me missing the heck out of this little baby!


  1. Fun post! Yummers on the food, too!

  2. Hope you're feeling better! It's no fun being sick on a trip! I feel like I'm coming down with something too, and that blows. Hate being sick!!!

    1. Catching up on things way too late, but I hope that you weren't struck down too bad!

  3. Your order from Mother Chu's is basically my dream order!