Friday, 3 November 2017

Brisbane OzComicCon 2017

Hello post-MoFo world! I am about to embark on an amazing adventure! My friend Molly is visiting me for two weeks, and we are going to be having super fun times in both Brisbane and Melbourne. I am so excited, it is just one sleep until she arrives. So I won't be reading or posting much, but I have prepared some posts about my Brisbane and Sydney OzComicCon foods to go out during that time, so I am at least all up to date with my travel posts.

At the end of September I worked at my final two OzComicCons, Brisbane and Sydney. For the past several years, I have worked as OzComicCon as a guest handler. This time I was looking after Keegan Allen, who was a complete delight. But let's get on to the food!

The first weekend was my home city of Brisbane, so I was staying at home. But I still ate food out and about for the con! The con catered our breakfasts and lunches. But the weekend really starts with the VIP cocktail party on Friday night. I got into the city early to meet a friend who was doing some Bowen therapy trials to get a session, which was interesting and kind of cool! But before that, I stopped off at Coco Bliss and got a Tutti Fruity Acai smoothie, which was unfortunately a bit watery, but had a nice flavour otherwise.

Fruit Tingle Smoothie from CocoBliss

After this, I went to get some dinner. I started at Vegerama in the Myer Centre food court, where I got a satay pie with tamarind sauce (they put a hilarious amount of sauce on), and some salads (Dill and Mustard, and BBQ Tofu). I was still craving carbs, so I decided to also try some of the new fries from Guzman y Gomez with their vegan Chimi Mayo. It is so fun to be able to get a creamy dipping sauce! The fries were OK, though a little spicy. I also went back to Coco Bliss and got a Spiced Matcha, which was so weird as it didn't have any discernible matcha in it. So disappointing.

Satuay Pie with Tamarind Sauce, Dill & Mustard Salad, BBQ Tofu Salad from Vegerama

Fries from GyG with Vegan Aioli, Matcha from CocoBliss

Saturday morning, I had a small bowl of overnight oats that I made from leftover bits and pieces in the house, before heading in for breakfast at the con. I had parked in West End, and had to walk by Suburban on my way to the convention centre. They have amazing turmeric lattes, which saved me a little because I was so tired. The vegan breakfast option at the convention was and Avocado and Tomato muffin, which was a little lacking in flavour. Also they put them all on gluten free buns, which were just so incredibly heavy. Still, at least it was substantial compared to the tiny glass of fruit they gave us in Melbourne!

Avocado and Tomato Muffin

Last year I was quite happy with the Brisbane lunch options, so I ordered the same again this year. On Saturday I had the veggie burger. Last year it was a yummy burger (Sanitarium Notburger I am pretty sure), and came with fries. This year there were no fries, and the patty had been replaced with a dry and way too spicy chickpea monstrosity. Disappointing. There was also a spare vegan wrap kicking around on Saturday, and I needed something to take away the spicy, so I ate that.

Vegan Burger

Vegan Wrap

Everyone say hi to the Marriage Equality Dalek!

Marriage Equality Dalek

For dinner I headed back into West End. I thought that I would get a nice falafel salad bowl from West End Falafel, but when I got there they had a Satay Tofu Vegan Snack Pack special, so I had to get that. Chips, tofu, cucumber and satay sauce. Yes please! I was also right next to the Boundary St Markets, so had to pop by the I Should Coco stall and pick myself up a Berry Merry cone.

Vegan Snack Pack from West End Charcoal

Berry Merry from I Should Coco

For breakfast the next day I snacked on a berry and coconut breakfast bar that I had picked up from Coco Bliss before I left home, picked up a spiced soy hot cocoa from Suburban on my way, and then had another avocado and tomato muffin at the convention centre.

Berry Breakfast Bar from CocoBliss

For Sunday lunch I had chosen the baba ganoush salad sandwich. Last year it was a yummy, crusty roll with lots of creamy dip and fresh salad. This time it was a fairly thin sandwich. Eh. Quality has definitely gone down from last year.

Vegan Sandwich

I wolfed down my sandwich pretty quickly, and then met up with my friend Ashleigh who was attending for the day and we walked down to Vegerama at West End to get some extra sustenance. I only had time to wait for a smoothie to take away, but Ashleigh brought me some pizza later on as well. The smoothie I picked was Ancient-Bliss (Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Coconut Flesh, Lucuma, Cayenne Pepper, Chia Seeds, Agave, Coconut Water, Cashew Milk), and it was delicious.

Smoothie from Vegerama

I met up with Ashleigh again after I finished for the evening, and we went to the Brisbane Vegan Night Markets together. But that will wait for another post!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Dim Sim wants to make sure that you all remember what she looks like, after a month of remembering Sahara. The best bit about working OCC in your home city is getting to come home at night to your little black cat!


  1. That Ancient Bliss smoothie is such a good colour!

  2. The Satay Tofu special looks great! Hi Dim Sim! :)

    1. Dim Sim says hi back! Or at least she says 'mrwak!'.

  3. Wow, some of the food definitely looks and sounds disappointing.
    But I love the color of the ancient bliss smoothie, and coming home to gorgeous Dim Sim is better than anything!

  4. I agree the smoothie color is pretty amazing!