Friday, 9 June 2017

Eating Out: Superoll

I got back from my Melbourne trip a couple of days ago, which was great and involved far too much delicious food. I still need to organise all my photos and write posts, so in the mean time enjoy this post about eating out (or, more often, in) at Superoll, a local vegan-friendly vegetarian restaurant that is very close to my house!

The first time we got takeaway. This was shortly after they first opened, and since then they have changed their menu a bit, and given everything on the menu cute names.

The corn soup is huge for only $5, and very satisfying. I have had this soup a number of times when I have been down in spirits or health. Once home, I normally mix in a bit of nooch for a cheesy corn soup.

Corn Soup from Superoll

Deep Fried Tofu with Special Sauce. This is no longer on the snack section of the menu, instead it has been moved to the mains section under the name The Fifth Element (it is a five spice sauce).

Deep Fried Tofu with Special Five Spice Sauce from Superoll

My dad ordered the Green Beans and Chicken Strips, which was a bit bland. A similar version is now on the menu with the name Mr Bean.

Green Beans and Chicken Strips from Superoll

And my first order was the Deep Fried Tofu and Vegetables with Mushroom Extract Sauce (now called Master Tofu). I really love this one.

Deep Fried Tofu and Vegetbles with Mushroom Extract Sauce from Superoll

One time, we actually went to the restaurant to eat! And I ordered a yummy Fruit Master iced tea with lots of fresh fruit in it.

Fruit Master at Superoll

We split a couple of starters. First up, the Forever Original Super Roll, which is basically a large, pleasant spring roll filled with shredded cabbage, carrot and mushrooms.

Forever Original Super Roll at Superoll

We also got the Char Siu, which is exceptionally delicious! You can also get this as a meal with rice and vegetables if you want.

Char Siu at Superoll

I ordered the Happy Farm, which just beats out the Master Tofu as my favourite. It has yuba, broccoli, cabbage, carrot and different types of mushrooms in a yummy savoury sauce. Also some skanky capsicum, which was immediately picked out.

Happy Farm at Superoll

Mum ordered the Purple Soldier, which is eggplant braised in soy sauce. (They also have a spicy version of this called the Black Swan).

Black Swan at Superoll

Dad ordered the vegan option of the Master Fried Rice

Master Fried Rice at Superoll

We have since had takeaway a bunch of times. I normally get the Happy Farm, or sometimes Master Tofu, though my dad often tries something different.

We did try the Asparagus Fresh Superoll once, which was fine but a bit bland.

Asparagus Fresh Rolls from Superroll

And the Yojiimball, which are described as crispy konjac balls with sweet soy sauce, but are actually kind of chewy seafood balls. So not a fan.

Yojiimball at Superoll

Dad got the Legendary Udon, which is topped with deep fried beancurd and more konjac balls. There are noodles and veggies underneath in a soy sauce.

Legendary Udon from Superroll

He also tried the Papas Curry, which is a fairly hot potato curry topped with things. It is too spicy for me, but he likes it.

Papa's Curry at Superoll

Given that Superoll is only five minutes away from my house, and provides tasty vegan food, you can imagine that we will be repeat customers! One day I might even go and eat in the restaurant again... or I can just order takeaway. If only I could get delivery, I would never be stopped!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim and heater

Winter is here... Dim Sim has no issues with hogging the heater to herself!


  1. It all looks so delicious! I really love the look of the purple soldier, although I would definitely order it Black Swan style! How nice to have such delicious vegan options close to home!
    Delivery would make it perfect, especially during winter.
    Cut Dim Sim! Joan loves to hog the heat too! She likes to lay on the vent in the bathroom,and she takes up the whole thing making the room freezing for the rest of us!!

    1. Three days after I posted this they announced they now deliver!
      That sounds considerate of Joan. ;) Ahhh... heat hogging kitties.

  2. Everything looks great, especially the Char Siu and Happy Farm! I think I'd pass on the Yojiimball, though, haha! Keep warm, Dim Sim! :)

    1. Definitely a pass on those. Weird rubber fishy balls? No thanks!

  3. Sounds like they have a good menu! That large spring roll looks really tasty. Oh and that deep fried tofu - yum.
    "Also some skanky capsicum, which was immediately picked out." Ahahaha I bet you could ask for it without pepper next time ;)
    It's so nice you have a restaurant like this so closeby!

    1. They have just become available on UberEats, so now I can have them delivered to my door!