Monday 23 January 2017

A Quick Brisbane Vegan Tour

Good news! VeganMoFo is keeping active throughout the year (with the main MoFo event to be held later in the year). This month they are celebrating all things vegan and Australian! I am contributing this blog post, but be sure to check out their main page on the 26th of January for a whole range of fun Australian vegan posts.

Today I will give you a quick run down on some of my favourite places to eat in my home city of Brisbane. While no where near the level of Melbourne, Brisbane has still been growing in vegan leaps and bounds. There are so many new places opening, or existing places starting to offer vegan options, that this post is just a tiny drop on the ocean of vegan Brisbane options.

My Top Five

To start out with, I thought I would try and narrow down my top five favourite places in Brisbane. This was H-A-R-D, but I am pretty happy with my final result. I've included my favourite dish from each place, as well as a link to my other blog posts about them so you can see all the other things I have eaten from them! Let's get started. All in alphabetical order.

Charlie's Raw Squeeze: Raw Squeeze is taking over Brisbane and surrounds, with new branches popping up all over the place. The North Lakes one even has a vegan burger place as well! Raw Squeeze started out in Charlie's Fruit Market in Everton Park. The owners of Charlie's not only started the Raw Squeeze empire, they also have made Charlie's a completely vegan store. Phasing out the eggs, dairy and meat it used to sell with the produce and now running a little vegan grocery store there as well. Fantastic! Raw Squeeze is the place to go for all you juice, smoothie, bowl and nice cream needs. They also have yummy salads and wraps, and have recently started selling coconut gelato. They have a bunch of new summer salads I am keen to try. My favourite smoothie there is the Cotton Candy, which has red dragonfruit, banana, coconut water and coconut chips. (More Charlie's Raw Squeeze)

Cotton Candy Smoothie from Charlie's Fruit Market

Easy House: OK, technically not Brisbane. But if you are in Brisbane it is well worth the trip down to the Gold Coast to go to this amazing vegan yum cha restaurant (or dim sum, for my US friends). They have a regular menu as well, but to be honest I haven't ever ordered anything off it because yum cha! I have so many things I love there. Steamed BBQ Pork Buns, Radish Cakes, so many different types of steamed dumpling. But my favourite is the Beancurd Rolls. (More Easy House, More Vegan Gold Coast posts)

Beancurd Rolls in Mushrooms Sauce from Easy House Vegetarian

I Should Coco: It is so hot here at the moment, a cool sweet treat is always appreciated. The best vegan ice cream in Brisbane is easily I Should Coco's amazing soft serve. While it is coconut based, it is not heavy in coconut flavour or fat (which means it doesn't make me sick like other coconut ice creams can). They have several standard flavours (which you can get in a cup or a cone), as well as specials. The current special is a PB&J one that I really hope I get a chance to try! I Should Coco doesn't have a shop front, however does appear at different markets (including the Boundary St Markets on Friday and Saturday nights). My favourite flavour from there so far has been their Cherry Merry (cherries and chocolate and coconut... so good). I always get them in a cone because a cone is the best way to eat ice cream! (More I Should Coco)

Cherry Merry Cone from I Should Coco

Khot Thai: This place opened just up the road from work earlier this year, and it is amazing. They can make the majority of the menu vegan (and much of it gluten free). Thai Tuesday lunch time became a regular thing for quite a while! I have only eaten in once, but have had a lot of takeaway. They make great curries, noodles and stir-fries. Of course my favourite is the Pad See Ew. (More Khot Thai)

Lunch Special Pad See Ew from Khot Thai

Pu Kwong: Since new owners took over a couple of years ago, Pu Kwong has gone from meh to a firm favourite (plus it is near my house). The majority of the delicious Asian-style menu is vegan, though some is vegetarian, so you need to be sure to specify. There is loads to choose from on the menu as well. I like to work my way through the menu, but the one thing that I always get is the beancurd rolls. Yes, more beancurd rolls. I just can't get enough of them! (More Pu Kwong)

Beancurd Rolls at Pu Kwong

Other places I've been

This isn't a comprehensive list of everywhere I've been. Just places I remember and have enjoyed. For most of them I have included a link to see my blog posts about them so you can see more of what I have eaten. A few don't have links, because it was a while since I've been there or because I haven't gotten around to blogging about them yet.
  • 5Dogs: A hot dog place with vegan hot dog and chip options.
  • Botanica Real Food: Delicious salads, most of them vegan. They also have an amazing vegan brownie with coconut caramel that is just so good. (My blog posts)
  • Cafe O Mai: I've only been to this Vietnamese cafe once, but it was amazing. Delicious pho and rice paper rolls for brunch. They have a whole vegan corner on their lunch menu I must work my way through.
  • Doughnut Time: With several locations around the city (and now the country), Doughnut Time always has at least two vegan flavours on their roster. My favourite one ever was the Blue Ivy, blueberry filled cinnamon sugar, though sadly that has not been in rotation for a long time. (My blog posts)
  • IGA Supermarkets: OK, not a restaurant at all. But if you are in need of some great vegan groceries, check out your nearest SupaIGA for Tofurkey, Field Roast, Vegenaise, Gardein, So Delicious and more!
  • Lost Boys: Cute vegetarian cafe with a small vegan menu. The veggie burger was OK, apparently the breakfast waffles are amazing. (My blog posts)
  • Loving Hut: The ubiquitous Loving Hut. My favourite is the Beijing Black Bean and the Seven Seas Delight. (My blog posts)
  • No No's: This Lebanese place has amazing (and very garlicky) vegan salads. My favourite is the brown rice and lentil with crispy onions. (My blog posts)
  • Pawpaw Cafe: I've been there for breakfast a few times (not for a while) and they have some nice vegan options. They also have a Thai and Balinese menu for lunch and dinner with several vegan options I would like to try.
  • Pitstop Pizza: Yummy vegan pizzas and also has a couple of vegan strudels as well. The pumpkin pizza was very nice.
  • Pure Simplicity Health Bar: Bowls, burgers, breakfasts and the yummiest peanut butter hot chocolate. (My blog posts)
  • Su Life: This place is hit and miss with dishes, but their Spicy Crispy Chicken is famous! Their pan-fried dumplings are also my favourite in Brisbane. (My blog posts)
  • Superoll: A new Asian-style restaurant close to me that is quickly becoming a favourite. I love the Happy Farm (a mix of mushrooms, yuba and veggies).
  • The Cruelty Free Shop: Not a restaurant, but CFS recently opened up one of their vegan shops in Brisbane. The Green Edge: Brisbane's first vegan grocery store, it also has a cafe.
  • Thien An: Super cheap and tasty Vietnamese place, though you have to go to Inala to eat there. Yummy pho and fun drinks. (My blog posts)
  • Veganyumm: Brisbane all vegan bakery! Get the peanut butter chocolate chip bars and the ANZAC biscuits!! (My blog posts)
  • Vegeme: Asian-style in West End. The Small Bites section of the menu is definitely the best, I have been underwhelmed by some of the mains I have had there. Order lots of little things and make your own yum cha. (My blog posts)
  • Vegerama: Vegerama has several locations, though the one I frequent most is the sit down restaurant in West End. The food and the service can be a bit hit and miss, and I have never had a good dessert there. However, the pizzas are excellent. ((My blog posts)

Places on my wish list

There are so many new places opening in Brisbane, I can't keep count of them all! Here are just a few that are on my 'to go' list.

  • Ciao Gelato: Just up the road from Fitz & Potts, has a range of exciting vegan flavours (as well as non-vegan).
  • Fitz & Potts: A bar that has vegan jaffles on the menu, I love jaffles! Also a vegan platter. It is very doggo friendly as well.
  • Netherworld Arcade: The newest addition to Brisbane is this super fun arcade, bar, and food spot. While not vegan, the menu is vegan by default and you have to request to add meat or dairy (and pay more). I don't even know where to start with this menu! The top of my 'to go' list.
  • Sol Natural Foods Fortitude Valley: I've heard lots of good things about this place, from their yummy brunches to exciting pizzas. I want to go!

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour of Brisbane's options. Looking at this, Brisbane really isn't that bad a place to be vegan at all! If you are ever heading this way, please let me know because I would love to hang out and eat some of this food with you! And would be happy to give more detailed vegan food tips as well.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim looking at Sahara

For anyone new to this blog, welcome! I like to end all my blog posts with a photo of a cute kitty, because cats are everything. Here is a photo of my two perfect girls, Dim Sim (the little black Princess) and Sahara (the slightly bigger red bear).


  1. So many places! I hope Saraha is doing well x

  2. Those bean curd rolls look amazing!! I've been meaning to check on how Sahara is doing??

  3. I will join you on the adventure of trying all the new places.

  4. Awesome post! The beancurd rolls look so good; I'd probably get them every time, too! :D

  5. OMG, that ice cream cone is BEAUTIFUL! God, I wish it was hot here, and I wish I had that in my hand right now. Also, I must find some bean curd rolls. I've never seen them on any menus here, but I've only been to a couple of dim sum places. They sound and look amazing.

  6. Wow - there are so many great places to eat at =)
    That sundae from I Should Coco looks insane! And Charlie's Raw Squeeze sounds so awesome. A vegan store? Sounds like you have better options out there than out here ;)