Wednesday, 10 August 2016

MidWeek Munchies: Sweet Treats

Here are some sweet treats I have been enjoying over the last few months.

My friend Amy made these super cute sprinkle doughnuts. I am too scared to deep fry doughnuts, but Amy is super brave!


This Loving Earth Raw Lemon Caramel chocolate is delicious, even though I don't normally like raw chocolate or caramel things. I like a lot of their other flavours as well.

Loving Earth

I won some vegan jubes made by Red Balloon in a competition a while ago. While not all of the flavours were my cup of tea (it was assorted, and I wasn't sure what a flavour might be until I committed and bit into it), the ones that were to my taste were very nice. Good texture.

Red Balloon Lollies

Fairy bread is great! If you aren't Australian, then you have been missing out. Bread (white to be the most authentic), margarine and Hundreds and Thousands! The important part is that hundreds and thousands are multicoloured little hard balls, they are not the longer sprinkles that seem to be around in the US. This is crucial. The day I found vegan hundreds and thousands, I ate so much fairy bread! Also pictured with the Sugar Hex body scrub I got from Bonnie's Bathhouse, a local vegan skin care company.

Fairy bread

A terrible photo of some great trial mix I made. It has freeze-dried strawberries, mini raw carrot cake cookies, chocolate covered raisins and maple walnuts and chocolate covered coconut in it. So good!

Snack mix

A ridiculous snack I made. It is a chocolate covered rice cake spread with Speculoos and topped with fresh raspberries.

Sweet snack

I enjoyed these crunchy little choc-chip cookies with a turmeric latte. Though they were all shaped like animals, so I felt a bit bad munching on them. #toovegantofunction

Snackimals and Turmeric Latte

I picked up these treats last week from The Green Edge. Haven't tried them yet, but excited to. The chocolate bar is the Go-Max-Go version of a Twix. I loved Twix bars, and have been waiting for someone to make a vegan one for years. I expect that I will eat it, declare it far too sweet, and there will end my cravings.

Green Edge Buys

And finally, these stunning chocolates that I ordered from Treat Dreams. Treat Dreams is a small vegan handmade chocolate business based in Sydney, and they have recently started shipping interstate. It was a bit of a wait from ordering to delivery, but the wait was worth it. There are their version of Ferrero Rochers, which are way better than the original. But most importantly, the Strawberry and Cream hearts. They are the most amazing chocolates! I love them so much. I want to marry them. Alas, they are a bit pricey to be a regular occurrence.

Treat Dreams Chocolates

What sweet treats have you been enjoying lately?

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim on her back

As promised, the first in a series of Dim Sim posts. The other day, I somehow convinced Dim Sim to lie on her back in my lap. As you can see, she was not incredibly impressed. But she let me rub her tummy.


  1. So many sweet treats -- but the best of all must have been getting to rub Dim Sim's tummy! :D

    1. I love her tummy. She is normally pretty good about letting me rub it a bit. But today she let me brush it, which was new. Trusting girl!

  2. Oooh, I WANT FAIRY BREAD! And doughnuts --- omg. I've purchased those round sprinkles before, but it's been awhile, probably back in the days before I knew confectioner's glaze wasn't vegan (sigh, ignorance is bliss). I'll be on the lookout though because that sounds amazing. Also, that rice cake with cookie butter looks FANTASTIC!

    1. Fairy bread is amazing!! If you can't get vegan hundreds and thousands there, I can probably hook you up. ;) But be warned, once you start fairy breading it is very hard to stop!

  3. Yum, I will definitely be trying to hunt down a vegan Twix! Round sprinkles seem impossible to find here though I have found a good supplier for the long ones. I remember from trips to Amrsterdam that sprinkles on bread are a breakfast thing though I think the bread might be toasted.

    1. I am almost too afraid to try the vegan Twix because I feel I will be disappointed after all these years of wait.
      I just had to go and look up about Amsterdam. They do have sprinkles on bread for breakfast! How delightful.

  4. Man! So many good snacks. I am a little jealous of the twix go max go bar, I haven't seen them yet. Maybe one day.

    Fairy bread reminds of those sprinkles they use in Europe for their bread. Nothing like that in the US, which is funny because I explain it to people and they think that is so crazy. Like too much like candy, but I look at the other breakfast foods Americans eat and it has so much sugar! XD

    1. Fairy bread is a definite party food, rather than breakfast food, here in Australia. But you could eat it for breakfast if you wanted.
      One thing I have noticed in the US is that everything is so sweet!

    2. Yes it is. To the extent some American's don't know you don't need the sugar. Like we put sugar in sandwich bread and my boss is convinced you need the sugar to "proof" the yeast. But there is no sugar in a baguette! Or pizza dough! But I think South Korea has us beat- apparently they have very sweet pizza... which I can't even imagine.

    3. Yes! I definitely noticed when I was trying to buy bread in the US that it is oddly sweet.
      Sweet pizza base with a savoury topping? I don't think I would like that too much. :/

  5. So many yummy treats in one post, I really want a doughnut right now. I'm also a mega fan of the Loving Earth range despite not usually being the biggest raw chocolate fan.

    1. I normally hate raw chocolate, and lots of it I can't eat because it is full of coconut oil, but Lover Earth is so good! This just reminded me I have their orange one stashed away somewhere. Must go and find it. Come and visit and then you can go to IGA and buy the entire range. ;)

  6. Ahhhhh those doughnuts look amazing! She made the sprinkles? Wow.
    Lemon caramel? I don't typically like lemon with my chocolate - I'm a purist, but the caramel combination is intriguing. And I always love raw chocolate.
    Jubs???? I used to LOVE those before going vegan. Yum.
    Fairy bread? I have never heard of it here. It sounds magical ;)
    That trail mix! It looks so good! I need to get some freeze dried strawberries.
    Oooh let us know how the Go Max Go bar is. I'm not sure I've seen that new flavour yet. I love the Twilight one - that's my favourite.
    And those Treat Dreams chocolates look amazing!!! I imagine they are expensive, but worth the splurge once in awhile (which makes them all the more of a special treat).
    I think it's cute how your cat "lets" you rub her belly - my pup "demands" it ;p

    1. Oh no, the sprinkles came out of a bag! Does anyone have time to make sprinkles? Hee hee.
      I tried the Go Max Go twix bar and I wasn't a fan. The cookie wasn't great, the caramel was more like a mooshy gel... yeah, lead down.
      The Treat Dreams were expensive, but worth it for a treat. :D