Sunday, 26 June 2016

Eating Out: Vegeme

Hello everyone! Still alive, still in a lot of back pain, still with a lingering cold. So here is another quick eating out post, from a while ago. My friend Taylor was visiting from Melbourne, and we arranged to meet up for dinner at Vegeme in West End. I always enjoy meeting up with Taylor, we end up having the most fascinating discussions. He is an amazing intersectional vegan.

We ordered food to share, and picked a few things off the Small Bites menu. The radish cakes ($5.90) were yummy, as always. I think radish cakes are one of my favourite things ever. We also had the Deep-Fried Suji with Salt and Pepper ($5.50), which I am pretty sure is Lamyong Salty Crispy Chicken... so it was pretty yummy. Finally, we had the Boiled Dumplings ($8.50), because Taylor wanted to try them over the pan-fried ones (strange I know). They were quite nice, but the pan-fried are definitely the best.

Radish Cakes at Vegeme

Deep Fried Suji with Salt and Pepper at Vegeme

Boiled Dumplings at Vegeme

We also got the Sizzling Noodle ($12.00) to share, which was a sizzling plate of noodles and veggies in black pepper sauce. It wasn't the greatest. Kind of dry, not enough sauce, not enough flavour, a lot of capsicum to pick out, and sparse on the other veggies. I wouldn't get it again.

Sizzling Noodle at Vegeme

And then we both got some pan-fried dumplings ($8.50) to take home for our respective parents, because we are good children. I'm off to Melbourne again on Thursday for some real fun food times, so I look forward to sharing those with you!

Vegeme - 9/220 Boundary St, West End, Brisbane - (07) 3846 2723

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Beetle and Lucy need a home

This is Beetle and Lucy Lou, who are both up for adoption. Beetle is a teeny tiny black fellow, who is very serious and loves Lucy Lou like she is his mum. Lucy Lou is a sweet little girl, who loves to snuggle and to eat. It would be super lovely if they could go together! Call 07 3367 0011 if you think you are in Brisbane and think they might be a good fit for you!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Everything looks delicious, and such cute kitties; hopefully they get adopted together! :D

  2. Oh, my gosh. Those two are the cutest! Beetle's little face reminds me of Avon when he was a kitten, and it's so sweet how he and Lucy Lou are cuddling on each other. I hope they find a good home together.

    Feel better soon! :)

  3. I would adopt them in a heartbeat if we were on the same continent. T__T

  4. OMG, Beetle and Lucy Lou!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FREAKIN CUTE! Sorry your back still hurts. :-( I'm always so intrigued by those radish cakes. I can't imagine what they must taste like, but delicious I'm sure.

  5. Oh no, back pain is the worst. No, back pain and a cold at the same time must be the worst! I hope you are feeling better soon :)

  6. Feel better soon lovely xo

  7. I hope you are feeling better!
    I love ordering different things to share - you get to try more things that way ;)
    You think radish cakes may be your favourite thing ever? Does it taste like radish??? I can't imagine that being my favourite thing ever haha ;p
    I would also be curious to try the boiled dumplings. Of course pan fried would taste better, but I'd be curious to try a "healthier" option.