Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Recipe Round-Up: The Abundance Diet

The Abundance Diet is a big favourite of mine. I credit it with helping me get back on track with eating sensibly and my mindset about food after a rough time I had last year. It is full of delicious and filling smoothies, salads, soups, mains, snacks and some sweet treats. I blogged about it during MoFo last year, and let us see what else I have been making.

Apple Pie Green Smoothie: I like the flavour of this smoothie, but I just don't think that I am the biggest fan of the texture of apple in smoothies. Still, it was nice! I like my smoothies super cold, so I froze the banana first. I also used a date rather than date paste or apple butter, and I left out the stevia (I don't like stevia, but I never add sweeteners to my smoothies anyway).
Rating: :)

Apple Pie Green Smoothie

Blueberry Vanilla Green Smoothie: While the recipe compares it to a blueberry muffin, I got mostly blueberry and not much muffin. I used a frozen banana, as well as all all spinach rather than a mix of spinach and kale. I added the option maca, which gave it a bit of an earthy taste. I find blueberry smoothies tend to get lumpy quickly, so drink up fast!
Rating: :|

Blueberry Vanilla Green Smoothie

ChocoNana Green Smoothie: This was yum - rich, but not too sweet. I used 2/3 frozen banana and one non-frozen banana. It was a pretty classic combination!
Rating: :)

ChocoNana Green Smoothie

Chocolate Covered Blues Green Smoothie: This is a very rich and satisfying smoothie, with no lumpy blueberry issues.
Rating: :)

Chocolate Covered Blues Green Smoothie

Veggie Patch Sunday Morning Omelets: I made 3/4 of the recipe to get three serves, though following instructions using a scant 3/4 cup batter per omelet I ended up with a larger final omelet. I loved filling this with all the veggies listed, and I added in some mushrooms as well. The moxarella heated up a bit with the heat of the veggies and went a but warm and melty.
Rating: :)

Veggie Patch Sunday Morning Omelets

Broccoli, Grape and Spinach Salad: This is from the Lighter Salads section, and I made it to serve with some sandwiches. I'm not a huge fan of raw broccoli, so I lightly steamed it first. This was a big hit! The Creamy Raspberry Poppy Seed dressing was more citrusy than I expected, but was nice and fresh. I couldn't find seedless raspberry jam that wasn't full of sugar, so I sieved some fruit-sweetened raspberry jam to make it smooth instead.
Rating: Salad :), Dressing :)

Broccoli, Grape, and Spinach Salad

Abe's Hearty Lentil Stew: I like lentil stew a lot, and this is now my new favourite! It is so good. I got three big sized servings from it. As well as lentils it has celery, onion, carrots, tomato and nooch (very important). I added the optional herb seasoning, using the 1-=Spice Blend from the Oh She Glows cookbook.
Rating: :D

Abe's Hearty Lentil Stew

Lightened-Up Laksa: This was a lovely version of laksa. I used a blend of light coconut milk and oat milk to make it creamy, and two heads of bok choy instead of cabbage.
Rating: :)

Lightened-Up Laksa

Creamy White Bean, Potato, and Kale Soup with Mushroom Sausage: I was really excited about this soup, and it was nice and creamy, I just felt it needed a bit more flavour overall. I did like the mushroom sausage a lot!
Rating: :|

Creamy White Bean, Potato, and Kale Soup with Mushroom 'Sausage'

Lightened-Up African Peanut Stew: I didn't have defatted PB flour, so I added some peanut butter instead. I used about 2 TBS, but I should have used more to make it more peanutty. I also left out the capsicum and added in peas.
Rating: :)

Lightened-Up African Peanut Stew

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


Flashback to this cute photo I took of my friend's cat Pandora.


  1. That vegan omelet is a thing of beauty! I agree about blueberry smoothies. I use blueberries the least out of any berry because I find the texture very off-putting. Pandora is gorgeous!

    1. It is a weird texture. I have since got a very fancy blender, so not sure if that will make a difference.
      I was pretty chuffed with the omelet. :)

  2. I have a kitty named Pandora!! I've nicknamed her Pandorable. I loved all those soups from Abundance Diet, especially the white bean/mushroom sausage one and the laksa. I think I just have a thing for creamy soups. I didn't have that issue with my blueberries, but it might just be that the Vitamix pulverizes them completely. I agree on the texture of apple in smoothies. Great taste. Weird texture. I found that adding protein powder helped make it creamier and less fibrous.

    1. Pandorable is such a cute nick name, I love it!
      I must admit that when I made these blueberry recipes it was with my old crappy blender. I now have a super fancy blender, so that may make a difference.

  3. I find the trick to apples in a smoothie is to add chopped apple to just the liquid of choice and blend till it looks smooth. Then add everything else and blend like you normally would. Even with a vitamix it is hard to get a well blended apple

  4. The apple smoothie looks so green and pretty. I also find sometimes that apples & blueberries lend a bit of a weird texture to smoothies.
    The lentil stew sounds (and looks!) really delicious.
    And I love the sound of the african peanut stew. I always find pb flour a weird ingredient. I would never have such a flour on hand either.
    I'll have to check out this cookbook.