Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Lazy DVD Day Eats

My friend Lisa and I like to have movie days and eat food. In truth, we plan far more of these days than we ever can actually manage to do given that it has to fit into our schedules (we work together, but often have different days off). However the other week we managed to get together on one hot Brisbane day and have a fun afternoon. The theme was Boarding School Movies and Lazy Day Eats.

First up, the movies. The theme started because of Lisa's desire to see Wild Child, which I happen to have on DVD. We then decided to also watch The Hairy Bird and St Trinian's. Except The Hairy Bird was nowhere to be found, both in actual shops, on line or even in rental places, and then there was an issue with Lisa's iTunes so we couldn't watch St Trinian's either. I came through with my DVD of She's the Man, and then we were at the mercy of Australian Netflix, which had NOTHING in theme. So we finished it up watching Suddenly 30 because it is awesome.

Now onto the food! Normally we make food, like on our epic Zombie Pizza Day (sadly I did not blog this!), or our Comfort Food 90's Teen Movie Day (I Instagrammed some of that). However it was going to be a hot day, I was working the day before and coming to her house after hot yoga, so we decided to make nothing and buy everything!

My mum had bought me this dip a couple of days before, so I brought that along. It is sweet and a bit spicy, great for dipping or on bread.

Vegan Dip Spiced Eggplant

I also brought some Absolute Organic Potato Chips, which are not gross and oily like most other plain salted potato chips.

Chips and Dip

Lisa went to Botanica and got us a bunch of their vegan salads for lunch.


She got five of their salads. My favourite Quinoa and Roasted Carrot with Tahini Dressing, Israeli Cous Cous, Roasted Cauliflower, Quinoa Tabbouleh and Chickpea.

Five types of vegan salad

Then we loaded up plates with salad, and yummy sourdough bread spread with dip. We each had two of these plates. You may notice there was capsicum in the chickpea salad, but I picked around it when serving myself.

Salad, bread, dip

For dessert, Lisa got one of Botanica's delicious vegan brownies, which I heated slightly, and served with the So Delicious Cashew Salted Caramel Ice Cream I had brought. Heaven!

Botanica Brownie and So Delicious

After a day of eating, I needed something light for dinner. So I stopped off at Loving Hut and picked up some Summer Rolls and BBQ Buns.

Loving Hut

It was a really fun day of trashy movies, good company and yummy food. Can't wait for our next one, we already have the movies planned. :D

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

The beautiful Mae

Lisa's beautiful cat, Mae. She is fluffy and floofy and you may want to hug her and kiss her, but she is also feisty! She let me gently pat her head at this visit.


  1. Sounds like the best kind of day! Mae is beautiful!

    1. She is so beautiful, but beware her pretty face... she has some sharp claws. ;)

  2. My friends and I used to do movie and food themed nights. They are such good fun. Wish we had a Loving Hut nearby, that food looks great.

    1. I love watching TV or DVDs and making fun food. Another friend comes over for Doctor Who days and I make silly food and it is great.

  3. Fun!!! Love this idea! My friends and I are always talking about movies we need to watch and then we never do it. Maybe if we made it about food, we'd be better able to plan!

    1. Food is an integral part of my planning system. ;)

  4. Fun! I love this idea. I love movie days, but I normally just have them with my pup. Although a girlfriend and I had a running joke once about watching silly cop movies. I haven't heard of some of the movies you watched, but Suddenly 30 (otherwise known as 13 going on 30 in the US) is one of my favourites.
    I love all of the food too! Looks so good =)
    And Lisa's cat is so cute!

    1. Silly cop movies would be a super fun DVD day, think of all the doughnuts you could eat. ;)