Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Eating Out: Charlie's Raw Squeeze at Charlie's Fruit Market Everton Park

Technically this isn't eating out, it is taking away, but close enough!

Charlie's Fruit Market is a 24-hour fruit and vegetable shop open at Everton Park. A while ago they opened up a very vegan friendly mostly raw take away in the shop called Charlie's Raw Squeeze (not open 24 hours), they also have a cafe location at Stone's Corner.

I decided to head out there for lunch one day during a quite day at work a few weeks ago, and also because I had just been informed that they stocked vegan cinnamon buns (more on that later). I was pretty impressed when I got there. They have a large menu of smoothies, nice cream and acai bowls as well as a cabinet full of bowls, salads and wraps and a large variety of vegan desserts. Most of the desserts were raw (yuck, coconut oil), but they also stock Cloverly Cupcakes and those cinnamon buns (more on that later).

I couldn't go past the Cotton Candy Smoothie ($8 for small), which had red dragonfruit, banana, coconut water and coconut chips in it. I was delighted when I was given it, it is so pretty and pink! Thankfully it doesn't actually taste anything like cotton candy, but it is a not-too-sweet refreshing treat. The coconut chips blended up into it and sprinkled on top make it quite filling as well.

Cotton Candy Smoothie from Charlie's Fruit Market

I couldn't go past getting their Taco Bowl ($15.95), which I had heard many good things about. And it was so good. It had raw walnut meat, a salad of greens and beans (I picked out all the capsicum and raw onion from this before eating), fresh tomatoes, lentils and rice, a hefty serving of guac and a dollop of cashew cheese and salsa (not too spicy), served with a baggie of corn chips. This was so filling, and so delicious!

Taco Bowl from Charlie's Fruit Market

Now... about those cinnamon buns. Cinnayumm recently started selling delicious vegan cinnamon buns at the Boundary Street markets, but also supply Charlie's. They have cinnamon buns with all sorts of crazy toppings, but they also have them plain, which is my favourite ($5). This was divine! Eating it made everything happy for a little while.

Plain Cinnayumm from Charlie's Fruit Market

I am definitely planning on heading back to Charlie's, both for more cinnamon buns and to explore their menu further. They also stock a small range of vegan goodies (including ice creams and Gardein), and the fruit and vegetable shop itself is fairly extensive. This is takeaway only, there is no where to sit. But lots of parking for you to stop by and pick up a yummy!

Charlie's Raw Squeeze at Charlie's Fruit Market - 473 South Pine Road, Everton Park, Brisbane - 3855 3966

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  1. i never used to like cinnamon buns but the ones from Veganerie in Bangkok have converted me and now I wanna come to Aus to try that one!

    1. Yes, come and visit me! And I will take you to the cinnamon buns. :)

  2. Oooh I wish I lived near this place! It looks so good!!
    "Thankfully it doesn't actually taste anything like cotton candy, but it is a not-too-sweet refreshing treat."
    Haha, I was hoping it wouldn't taste like actual cotton candy.
    The taco bowl sounds so good! And so does the cinnamon bun, although I am a huge sucker for cupcakes ;)

    1. I love this place. I have been to their other one, and I also went back to this one today. They can have all my money. ;) I think you would definitely love this place. Cinnamon bun for me and cupcakes for you. :)