Sunday, 11 January 2015

Recipe Round-Up: Quick-Fix Vegan

Time for another round up from one of my favourites, Quick-Fix Vegan by Robin Robertson! Lots of pasta and soup in this post.

Linguine with Cannellini Pesto: This comes together very quickly, and makes a thick and tasty pesto coating for your pasta. White beans, basil, pasta water, garlic and your choice of miso or nooch (so hard to pick!) are the main parts of the pesto, which would be great off the pasta as well. It doesn't use a whole tin of cannellini beans, so I served some extra on the side.
Rating: :)

Linguine with Cannellini Pesto

Orecchiette with Puttanesca Pesto: This pesto has a good strong flavour, just like puttanesca should be! Served with baby spinach and baked tofu. Leftovers also make a great pasta salad with a few additions.
Rating: :)

Orecchiette with Puttanesca Pesto

Southwestern Pasta Toss: There is lots of fun stuff in this pasta, including avocado, scallions, chiles (I only used a single green one), corn and pinto beans. It is also very yummy with a bit of sour cream and a sprinkle of nooch on top.
Rating: :)

Southwestern Pasta Toss

Spicy Peanut-Hoisin Noodles with Tofu and Broccoli: Peanut sauce and noodles go together like two really good things that go together. Tofu, broccoli and carrots are mixed in, and I also added some zucchini and some peas. The spice comes from 1 tablespoon of sriracha, which added a nice heat.
Rating: :)

Spicy Peanut-Hoisin Noodles with Tofu and Broccoli

Quick Vegetable and Quinoa Soup: This soup is full of quinoa, tomatoes, kidney beans, zucchini, corn and carrots as well as lots of seasonings, for a super fast and tasty dinner, excellent if you are a bit under the weather. I love adding nooch to my soup before I eat it, and this was excellent with this.
Rating: :)

Quick Vegetable and Quinoa Soup

Sweet Potato-Spinach Soup: This soup is quite rich, but I lightened it up by adding some lime juice and also a swizzle of sriracha (I don't know why I did this, my notes just say that I did). It is good served over some rice as well.
Rating: :)

Sweet Potato-Spinach Soup

Creamy Green Soup: I was looking forward to making this soup for lunch when I suddenly realised that I didn't have any coconut milk. Luckily there is the option of using another nondairy milk instead, and I also used a handful of shredded coconut when I was simmering everything, as it was going to be blended up anyway. Served over rice.
Rating: :)

Creamy Greens Soup

Last-Minute Laksa: I do enjoy laksa, and this comes together very quickly - even with making your own laksa paste in a mini food processor! Tofu, scallions, peas and linguine swim in the soup, topped with bean sprouts and coriander. I added more lime.
Rating: :)

Last-Minute Laksa

Moroccan-Spiced Pumpkin Soup: About once a year I will buy a heap of tinned pumpkin from the online US food shop based in Melbourne, and I do enjoy looking for new ways to use them. This recipe used up a whole tine, and was nicely spiced. The pistachios on top were a nice addition. Served three people for dinner with some bread and salad on the side.

Moroccan-Spiced Pumpkin Soup

Miso Soup with Tofu and Dulse: Quick and simple, miso soup is one of my favourites. I found this one quite salty, so would probably use a diluted vegetable broth next time. It has firm tofu, rather than silken tofu like a lot of miso soups, but this worked very well. Serves 2 for lunch.
Rating: :)

Miso Soup with Tofu and Dulse

Chard and Red Lentil Soup: I love red lentil soups, red lentil sauces, red lentil anything. This is a simple, filling soup to make when you are wanting something wholesome fuss-free to get in your belly.
Rating: :)

Chard and Red Lentil Soup

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim sleeping on the PJs

I have quite a lot of pyjamas with black cats on them. However, sometimes an actual black cat likes to hop on my pyjamas! Dim Sim has claimed my PJ shorts for her own.


  1. Adorable! Soups in summer though?!?!?

  2. With it being winter in the UK I'm on a big soup kick at the moment. These look lovely and filling.