Friday, 5 December 2014

Recipe Round-Up: More Quick Fix Vegan

More Quick-Fix Vegan has been an amazing book with my often busy days. While I do love spending time in the kitchen putting together complicated recipes, sometimes you just need something that can be out on the table with minimum fuss, but that doesn't compromise on yumminess.

Balti Bowls: I love balti curry, so this was high up on my list to try. There is an option of seitan, tofu, chickpeas or soy curls, and I used chickpeas because that was what I had easily to hand. It says to use 2 cups, I used one 400g tin which is about 1 1/2 cups, and I got just over 3 servings. I served over basmati rice rather than with naan, because I couldn't find any vegan naan and I didn't feel like making any. If you have any leftovers they are great mixed with some rice and peas!
Rating: :)

Balti Bowls

Tempeh Reuben Bowls: To my knowledge I had never had a reuben before I went vegan, and I have really only just recently started exploring the many recipes in my books! I made a half batch of this recipe (though I made the whole amount of the sauce), which gave me just over a single dinner, so I guess I like my reuben bowls pretty hearty. I couldn't find pumpernickel bread anywhere, so I just used some rye for the toast triangles, and I spread avocado on them because why would I not. I also served this over spinach and with potato wedges and a dill pickle on the side.
Rating: :)

Tempeh Reuben Bowls

Polenta with Tuscan Kale and Cremini Mushrooms: I always forget how much I love polenta, and then I eat it again and become obsessed with its creamy deliciousness. I much prefer the curly kale to Tuscan kale, but I enjoyed the Tuscan in this dish. Though I needed to buy three bunches of Tuscan kale to get enough, which was a little on the pricey side! But a very satisfying dinner.
Rating: :)

Polenta with Tuscan Kale and Cremini Mushrooms

Manchurian Chickpea Bowls: I have never had Manchurian cauliflower, which this dish is based on, but I agree with Robin's assessment of the flavour - it is indeed intoxicatingly delicious. This has potatoes in it as well, but I served it over rice anyway because I love all the carbs. Also over some baby spinach for greens.
Rating: :D

Manchurian Chickpea Bowls

Mexi-Cali Quinoa Bowls with Pintos and Corn: This has some really satisfying flavours - quinoa, corn, tomato, spinach, pinto beans and avocado. I also subbed chopped carrot for capiscum. Yum. I also added black olives, at Robin's suggestion, then topped it with nooch (my suggestion, I love nooch). Served over more spinach.
Rating: :)

Mexi-Cali Quinoa Bowls with Pintos and Corn

General Tso's Tofu: I have only ever once ordered any sort of Tso's, which was the vegan Tso's chicken at Bamboo Garden in Seattle, and I was a little horrified by the deep-fried of it all. This pan-fried tofu is much more on my level, and doused with a sticky sauce. The sauce is quite sweet. It says to use 14-16 ounces of tofu. I used a 375g block, which made 3 big servings. Served with brown rice and broccoli.
Rating: :)

General Tso's Tofu

Fiery Korean Stir-Fry: Fiery does not sound like my kind of fun, but I turned this into a not-so-fiery dish, and I loved it. I used the suggestion of using some gochujang rather than chilli because there was some in the fridge. I used 1 teaspoon, and it was the right amount.
Rating: :D

Fiery Korean Stir-Fry

Moroccan Bistilla Pilaf: I have never made an actual bistilla because filo pasty is not my favourite and I am deeply suspicious of any main dish that has icing sugar sprinkled on top. This pilaf gives me the fun flavours without the fuss or suspicious sugar. Even though it has apricots and raisins, it is not too sweet, and and the almonds add a perfect crunch. Over baby spinach gave me three and a half serves.
Rating: :)

Moroccan Bistilla Pilaf

Unstuffed Cabbage: Stuffed cabbage is another thing I haven't made, I will one day when I have time. But this quick version apparently gives all the flavour with minimum time. I used sugarloaf cabbage here as I couldn't get regular green. I actually would have liked a bit more cabbage! It gives the option of using TVP, crumbled tofu, chopped seitan or chopped tempeh, and I used TVP.
Rating: :)

Unstuffed Cabbage

Spicy Ginger-Lime Portobellos and Broccoli: I served this over quinoa, and really only got three servings out of the recipe. I had bought two bags of smaller portobellos at the markets (I couldn't find big ones), but the second one ended up being just regular white mushrooms. So annoyed! But it was still good.
Rating: :)

Spicy Ginger-Lime Portobellos and Broccoli

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