Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Recipe Round-Up: How It All Vegan

Hello all! So I am back from a totally amazing vegan adventure. I ate so much food and met so many beautiful animals and amazing people! But I still need to sort out all my photos before I can blog. So in the meantime here is another recipe round-up.

How It All Vegan was one of my earlier vegan cookbooks. I went for a walk to the Glebe book store during a break between classes at uni, and happened to come across this. I was very excited! I spent my afternoon break between classes reading it out on the grass. I don't know how I had so many breaks between classes in one day, vet school is not known for breaks!

Sarah's Delicious Chili with Country Corn Muffins: This cooks up a giant pot of chili, it says six to eight servings, and six servings are giant. It is full of carrots, kidney beans, tomatoes, chickpeas, mushrooms, corn and rice. It includes some curry paste, which is unusual. I made the corn muffins with apple sauce as the egg replacer, which ended up making them quite sweet.
Rating: Chili :), Muffins :)

Sarah's Delicious Chili; Country Corn Muffins

Scrambled Eggless Eggs: This is a pretty basic tofu scramble recipe, but I like scramble in any form. I added some nooch to it, because that is how I roll.
Rating: :)

Scrambled Eggless Eggs

Brainless Banana Pancakes: This is a very simple recipe, which is great when you are bleary eyed in the morning and have a desperate need for pancakes. For breakfast serve with some sliced fruit and maple syrup. If you want a dessert-vibe, add some chocolate chips to the batter and fancy up with some ice cream, berries, syrup and sprinkles.
Rating: :)

Brainless Banana Pancakes

Brainless Banana Pancakes (with chocolate chips)

Apple-Cinnamon Cornmeal Pancakes: Rolled oats, cornmeal and apple sauce go into these pancakes. It is quite a thick batter, so when you cook you need to spread out the batter in the pan or it will be too gluggy. A half batch of these makes three large pancakes.
Rating: :)

Apple-Cinnamon Cornmeal Pancakes

Faux Chicken Salad: Tempeh forms the bulk of this salad, which is mixed up with mayo, celery, pickle, onion and herbs and spices. It is very nice served over some green leaves, or will make enough for 5-6 sandwiches.
Rating: :)

Faux Chicken Salad

Faux Tuna Salad: This uses tofu that has been frozen and thawed, before mixing with celery, carrot, mayo, seasonings and kelp powder. Despite the kelp powder, this was more salty rather than fishy.
Rating: :)

Faux Tuna Salad

Faux Egg Salad: Lots of faux salads in this book, but they are all really tasty. This uses mashed tofu for the 'egg'. It makes a heck of a lot - a full batch would be enough for about 10 sandwiches! So you may want to make a smaller batch.
Rating: :)

Faux Egg Salad

Exquisite Rice Salad: Carrots, raisins, peas and green onions mix up with mustard, cumin, cloves, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon to make a fairly tasty salad, though exquisite may be a bit of an overstatement. I got three servings out of this for lunches.
Rating: :)

Exquisite Rice Salad

Cousin Natasha's Rice and Bean Salad: A pretty standard rice and bean salad, but it is makes a nice lunch. I got four lunch-size servings out of this.
Rating: :)

Cousin Natasha's Rice and Bean Salad

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  2. This was one of my earliest vegan cookbooks too. I must revisit it, there's some good stuff in it!