Thursday, 21 January 2010

Welcome back blog!

I have returned after a random and rather lengthy break from blogging. I cannot be sure why I was not, I just wasn't. Part of it may have been a recent change in my job structure. I used to do a 30 hour week with three nights on call, which sucked the big one after doing it for two years! But now I am FREE! Oh yes, I am just your regular 38-hour-a-week with no on-call vet. WOOT! Surely this should mean more time for blogging? Well, there has been some adjusting to working several very long days in a row... equally a tired Susan. A tired but happy Susan. And now I am pretty much adapted to my happy new work life, so here I am! Even though I have been away from blogging, I have still been very busy cooking, baking, taking food photos and - of course - eating!

A while ago (a very long while ago) I took part in a package swap organised by Cooking For A Vegan Lover. My partner was the only other Australian to take part, the lovely Mandee of Cupcake Kitteh. This is the fantastic package she sent me (which was received about five or six weeks ago... oops for being so late in posting about it)...

Check out this fantastic haul! Potato chips, beetroot chips, flax corn chips, sesame crackers, tamari almonds, salts, tapenades, spice blends, chutneys and some delicious homemade cookies! Schmoy, what a spoilt girl was I! I had mentioned to Mandee that I generally prefer snacking on savoury rather than sweet - and she certainly delivered! Totally amazing. :D

Plus as an added bonus, some adorable kitty and cupcake stickers, because she knows I like to scrapbook.

What a great package - thank you so much Mandee. :D I am still enjoying many snackages from it. Anyone who gets Mandee in a swap is going to be very happy indeed!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

My beloved Sahara, demonstrating her favourite hugging position, the bear hug. This has earned her the nickname Bear. Just be sure you have something covering your skin - those claws are razor sharp and she loves to really happy paws the heck out of your shoulder. Which is sweet, but painful. ;)

And now I must go and feed the above cat and her sisters, for Sahara has been pracing across the keyboard and smooshing into my face for the last 20 minutes to remind me it is indeed her dinner time. As if I could ever forget. ;)

I have so many photos to catch up on, so expect some pretty food photo heavy posts coming up soon!

Now, I just have to tackle Google Reader, which I have also been shunning for the last several weeks... eeep, I say. ;)


  1. the beetroot chips taste soooo good! the sweet potato ones are really nice too.
    I was going to tweet you and ask why u haven't updated and then you did. ooooh psychic powers!

  2. Congrats on the improved work-situation and welcome back!

    That's a wonderful package you got!

  3. Very glad to have you back. Looking forward to posts to come!
    Welcome back.

  4. Welcome back Susan, and *YAY!* for regular working hours!

    Your package swap goodies look fab, and the picture of Sahara 'Bear Hugging' is super cute! =^..^=

    Looking forwards to your food photo heavy posts soon :)

  5. Welcome back! Congrats on the promotion! And adorable Sahara-Bear!!

  6. Welcome back! Missed you! And cheers on the new work hours!

  7. Welcome BAAAAAACK! And Happy New Year! What a fabbo swap package indeedy and that photo of Sahara bear is adorable. Kitty cuddles for all.

  8. Is your new job arrangement at the same place? I have thought about tracking you down to be vet to our 2 ladies, because your centre specialises in cats, but was a bit reluctant to have our girls in the car for 20 minutes.

  9. What an awesome package swap! The flax and beetroot chips sound fascinating.

  10. Hooray for blogging :) And I am really happy you liked the package :D

    Sahara is a cutie! And both my girls have happy paws, it's ok in winter when I'm in a few layers but in summer their claws go right through tees/singlets, ow!