Sunday, 13 December 2009

Happy birthday Gizmo!

n the 1st of November, the same day I had my Girls Day In... Gizmo had her birthday. She turned 13! I have a teenager. Oh, woes. How do my babies grow so much? Stop it, world! ;) Gizmo thought it was fantastic that all the girls from work came over to celebrate her birthday with her! She sat on her sofa and received guests, accepting pats and snorgles and happy wishes. Here are some photos of her on her special day...

'Good morning world, it's my birthday!'

Sitting on her sofa, receiving her adoring public.

But my, my... what is this fascinating object?

Ooooooh! It is a super duper catnip rainbow! It goes with my super duper rainbow heart from last year! Hurrah!

Birthday dinner. Normally she just gets half a tin but this night she got a whole tin and then got to finish up with some mince that Possum left over.

What an exhausting day!

So happy birthday to my beloved Gizmo. It 2001, when she was 4 years old, I rescued her from a vet clinic where she was a last chance kitty. Abandoned by her owners and unwanted because of her age. But she charmed my heart and when I discovered that her fate was set for three days time, I took her home with me. I have never looked back. I love you Gizmo!

Food Photo of the Post

So normally I have a kitty photo for every post. But this has been a completely kitty post! So here is a photo of...

Behold The Elvis, a variation on the Banana Split Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. A banana cupcake, filled and topped with a massive amount of peanut butter buttercream frosting. Oh my god! Delicious! Though a warning, bu the end this cupcake is about 75% icing, so be prepared to be sugared out. Have a large glass of water at the ready, and take it slow. ;)


  1. Awww, what a cute little birthday girl! I love happy stories of kittehs rescued from certain doom! You are awesome for saving her! <3

    I love that picture of Gizmo with the rainbow, the look on her face makes her seem so naughty! :-D

    Your cupcakes look so good! It must be all that frosting! I've made these before but not the Elvis version yet.

  2. Happy Birthday, Gizmo! I bet she had a lovely day with all the guests and extra food.

    And that cupcake looks perfect!

  3. Happy birthday kitteh!! That cupcake looks amazing. Want!

  4. Happy birthday Gizmo!

    I want your cupcake!

  5. Ah, the teenage years. She'll be getting spotty, snapping at you, going out late, letting her fur get greasy, wearing a lot of black, and refusing to attend family functions ;p

    And I too want that cupcake!

  6. We love kitty cats! Happy Birthday Gizmo...

    We have a great raw food community with a top notch chef coming in from California. Check it out here:

  7. Hahaha! Those photos are awesome and I love her rainbow!

  8. Hey there. Just found your blog through Mihl's blog. These cats are overloading me with cuteness. Awesome!