Friday, 27 February 2009

A tale of two chilis, part one.

Every time I have some left over dinner, I put it in the freezer so that I have a ready stash of dinners for when I am on call at the clinic. Sometimes though, it is nice to reuse leftovers in different ways rather than the old reheat. Vegan Planet (which I seem to be quite into at the moment) has a whole stack of chili recipes, and a whole stack of recipes that use the chili recipes

A couple of weeks ago, I made Backyard BBQ Chili. It was a very tasty chili, with a hint of sweet and smoky from the BBQ sauce. I served it with Mum's Apple Coleslaw (from How It All Vegan), green leaves (because I can't get enough of the green stuff) and some corn chips. It was a great dinner! Fastforward to earlier this week...

Jalapeno Rice and Chili Stuffed Squash, served here with some tasty roasted brussel sprouts. I used butternut pumpkin, as called for in the recipe. But I found the amount of the chili/rice mixture was way too much to fit in the cavities of these cute little guys I found. To get a cavity big enough, you would need to have a HUGE butternut, which would be too much for one to eat. In the suggestions, it mentions trying with a kabocha pumpkin. I think this would work better, as you can get an adorable cute little kabocha and still have a really good space for stuffing.

Earlier this year I had another tasty chili retake experience. I think I have blogged these two recipes randomly at some point previously, but I'm posting the photos again. So ha!

This is East Coast Chili. What makes it East Coast, I have no idea! The book also has a West Coast Chili, which has avodaco (apparently avocado = west coast USA). Anyone have any suggestions as to why this is East Coast? Anyway, it is super yummy. It calls for 2 cups of burger crumbles, but I used 1 1/2 cups of dry TVP, and all was well. The dry TVP absorbs the flavours fabulously. I served it over macaroni (apparently the thing to do on the East Coast) with some steamed carrots.

And here it is reborn as the fantabulous Chili Macaroni Bake. It is SO good. It definitely deserves a repost. Creamy, cheesy macaroni topped with the left over chili and sprinkled with vegan cheese. So fabulous! I could eat it all day!

I am looking forward to future adventures with the many uses of chilis. So stay tuned!


  1. Mmmm I want some chili macaroni bake! What an awesome idea. I have some chili chilling out in the freezer at the moment. I know what it's going to turn into :D

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. All the figures belong to my husband. Unfortunately, we don't have any My Little Pony figures, but I think I may have to borrow some just to fill your request.

  3. I think the East Coast-ness of the first recipe is based on the macaroni. For some reason east coasters serve chilli over pasta. Great use for all your leftovers!

  4. Thanks for the birthday hugs and kitten snorgles! I am also behind on my blog reading. Hopefully I will catch up with everyone this weekend.

    It all looks delicious, but it's that fantabulous Chili Macaroni Bake that steals the show! Wow, that thing looks outrageously good!

    Hey, there's a 30 second Lost in Austen promo on YouTube if you want to check it out. It's here:

  5. Mmm I love the Chilli Macaroni Bake, looks like a great Autumn dish :)