Thursday, 12 February 2009

But where is the food?

*Gasp* A food free blog? Perhaps the bigger surprise is a blog post at all! Yes, I have been quite a bad blogger indeed. It's not intentional, it just kind of happened. There's a new roster at work and I've started a new gym program (so far, so good). Oh yeah, and I am kind of planning a trip to England! Yes, four and a half weeks until I get on a plane for a long haul trip to the old UK. It's pretty exciting, we are doing a mad road trip around England and Scottland. But what else is exciting about the trip? I shall be there just in time to go the the Brighton Vegan Fayre! What excellent timing, and completely not planned. Adding to the vegan joy, apparently I shall be meeting up with a Rabbit, a Tree Hugger and an Alien called Sal. And the fooooood!

I've also been piling up the extra-curricular work. I am working on two papers for work and I am also about to embark on a part time research masters... you know, just for fun! Hee hee. All this work means that I need to find lots of things to do while procrastinating. So I have also begun Project Procrastination 2009. This involves me compiling all the awesome recipes from people's blogs onto my computer so I have the bestest vegan recipe archive when ever I need it and without needing to be connected to the internet. Of course, it means I end up reading everyone's blog from the very beginning as well, because people are interesting! So I have a lot of work ahead with that... oh yeah, and my actual work of course. Tee hee.

Anyway, these are the things that have been occupying my mind and my blogging time. But not my kitchen time, oh no. I have loads and loads of photos of food I have made and bought to share. I just have to share it!

Oh yeah, and I was being a LYING LIAR WHO LIES when I said there was no food in this post.

What is this? It is the BEST tea bread in the WORLD. It goes by the name of Cranberry-Orange-Nut Bread and hails from the great Veganomicon. SO. GOOD.

Here it is all cut up and tempting me. It is fabulous. The flavours... the smell. I wish I could make it into a perfume, it is just perfection.

In other words, I really rather liked it!

Now, I am off to catch up on the bazillion new blog posts that are waiting for me!


  1. Ooh, that nut bread looks delicious! I'm very jealous that you get to travel to see Becks and the other lovely British vegans!

  2. Oh crapola, I still need to order my Vegan Fayre tickets! Doh!
    I'm very excited >:oD

    I bought a lovely folder a (very long) while back, with the intention of printing out all of my 'stolen' vegan recipes from the interweb, but I haven't got round to it yet. I do have a very tatty notebook full of my illegible scrawlings though!

    The tea bread looks really good (you big lying liar who lies! LOL!)

    Don't forget your jumper next month! >;o)

  3. Mmmm that Tea Bread looks AWESOME!!!
    I'm really looking forward to meeting you and as well as a jumper - don't forget to bring that essential British accessory - THE UMBRELLA!!!


    I still have to buy my ticket too because my stupid bloody Visa card is not going through and I have no idea why!!!
    Apart from it being a big vegan conspiracy but that would be just too silly, and I'm not that paranoid.

  4. Oooooooh lucky, lucky, lucky youuuuuu! A trip to England, a vegan fayre with vegan bloggers!!Take me with youuuuuuu! :)