Sunday, 21 September 2008

Supernatural musings, with bonus food.

Once again, at the clinic. And what does one do when one is at the clinic? Watch Supernatural and have random thoughts.

Jensen Ackles has got to be one of the tastiest morsels ever to present himself onto my TV screen. I bow before the almighty ZB for showing me the light and bringing the Ackles and his perfect, pouty, ducky lips into my life. Hurrah for Supernatural! Oh no, Sam is getting one of his 'headaches' - cue squinchy eyes and pinching of the forehead! Can we get back to Dean please?

Alas, being at the clinic means no exciting new food made today. But because I have a zillion photos of past foods, I thought I might share something from 'The Vault'.

With the warmer days and nights coming on - especially these last few - it is time to be thinking of food more suited to summer. This was an amazing dinner I made early this year, when the nights were just as balmy. It is Butternut Squash Rice Paper Rolls and Corn and Edamame Sesame Salad, both courtesy of the fabulous Veganomicon.

Sorry for the randomness of these posts. I am in training for VeganFoMo in October!

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  1. I'm really going to have to make something other than Mac Daddy and Chickpea Cutlets from VCon...everything looks so good!! In the new house, the cooking will start again...

    Jensen Ackles is made of yum. That is all.