Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Eating Out*: The Green Edge


Hello friends! Another post from the days before COVID meant that dining out was not an option. I have posted about eating out at The Green Edge so many times before. This post is from the last two times I ate there, earlier this year.

About four weeks before things really got bad here, my vet friend that I mentioned in a recent post who came to visit and I went to The Green Edge for breakfast. They were having a bake sale there that day, so I was able to drop off some goodies for that. And also it was fun for her (and for me) to do some shopping in their store. Of course, when it came to breakfast I had to get a giant turmeric latte.

Turmeric Latte at The Green Edge

And I also got the Garlic Mushrooms (mushrooms, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, spinach, and parmesan on sourdough toast with a balsamic drizzle) with a side of avocado and a side of hand cut chips with house dressing. So good. Everything on the toast was so savoury and delicious.

Garlic Mushrooms with sides of Handcut Chips and Avocado at The Green Edge

My friend got the Avocado Toast (avocado, hummus, fetta, dukkah, lemon) with a side of chips and a side of mushrooms. She said it was all excellent!

Acocado Toast with sides of Mushrooms and Handcut Chips at The Green Edge

Another day, so blissfully unaware of what was coming and thinking I would be visiting to eat there every few weeks still, I stopped in for lunch and tried the Veggie Burger Salad, a lentil patty, caramelised onions, avocado, mango chutney, avocado, cherry tomatoes, salad, and house dressing. It was a really lovely salad combination.

Veggie Patty Salad at The Green Edge

I also tried some Parmesan Fries with Aioli. They initially forgot to bring it out, so when it did come I didn't have much time to eat a huge bowl of piping hot parmesan chips. They were delicious! I burnt my mouth a bit, but it was worth it before I had to leave.

Parmesan Fries with Aioli at The Green Edge

During the COVID lockdown The Green Edge closed their cafe for eat in but still had take away, and they were also open for groceries and had a large selection of treats and ready meals in their cabinets. As of this post, as restrictions are easing, they are open for limited numbers of people eating in as well.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Winter is here, so she is frequently found seeking the sunny spots in the sun room.


  1. The salad sounds amazing, and the Parmesan fries look incredible! I'm sure they were worth the pain!
    Hi Dim Sim!!

    1. The chips were definitely worth the wait and the mouth burning! So good.

  2. Those fries! THOSE FRIES! I swear you make me fantasize about visiting Brisbane.

    1. It's a great fantasy to have! Maybe one day.

  3. Ah, those blissful days of early 2020 when we had no idea what was coming!! I miss those days! Everything looks so good, esp the Parm fries!

    1. I know right. It seems like a lifetime ago, not just a few months.

  4. The Parmesan fries sound incredible!
    Dim Sim, you look so beautiful soaking up the sun!

    1. The parmesan fries are a hit on the blog! They just posted a photo of them on their IG yesterday and I desperately wanted more.