Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Eating Out*: The Cat Cuddle Cafe


I have been a bit quiet on here the last week. With everything going on, I have spent a lot of time reading and educating myself on Black and Indigenous issues. We had massive protests here in Australia on the weekend, and while I am unable to attent protests, I was so proud of all the people who turned out. Australia has a history of Indigenous deaths in custody, and no police officer here has ever been charged. Those Australians shaking their heads and saying this is an American issue need to understand that Black Lives Matter is just as relevant here as there. I have also been donating to a number of Indigenous organisations, as well as planning on donating to some US bail funds as well (the dollar is not great right now, so it doesn't go too far overseas). I also went back to work this week for the first time in two months. I just worked Monday and Tuesday morning this week, easing my way back in. It was surprisingly OK, and already the last two months of being at home seem like a dream.

Brisbane's original cat cafe, The Cat Cuddle Cafe, has been operating for several years. Unlike the other cat cafe here, this is one I am happy to support as they use the cafe as a means to rehome cats, as well as using the profits to go straight back into recue cats. They have rehomed hundreds of kittens and cats since they opened, plus they have hosted a number of fun fundraising activities (like yoga with cats, crafting with cats, boardgames with cats) as well running an op-shop and market stall to raise more money. They also have a vegetarian cafe with vegan options, so what a great place! Last year, they moved from their smaller original premises (just up the road from my work) to a larger premesis a bit further away. I finally got a chance to stop in for lunch earlier this year.

I get so excited when places use soy icecream instead of coconut ice cream, because I love milkshakes! And I had a very lovely strawberry soy milkshake. Check out how cute the little cat on my table was! As well as having super cute cat decor, they also have an incredible selection of cat themed clothes, jewelry, and knick knacks.

Strawberry Soy Milkshake at The Cat Cuddle Cafe

It is a small cafe, and their vegan selection at the time included a lasagne, some pies, and some toasties. I went for the lasagne, which is made by a local company and was delicious.

Vegan Lasagne at The Cat Cuddle Cafe

I also grabbed a treat to take away, a sweet potato brownie. The icing was too rich and too sweet for me (but my workmate ate it!), but the brownie itself was lovely!

Sweet Potato Brownie at The Cat Cuddle Cafe

The Cat Cuddle Cafe was closed to the public during COVID. As we slowly start to ease restrictions, they have opened up their op shop and the cafe for takeaway, and looks like they have plans to open up the cat rooms again (with very limited numbers of humans) this weekend!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Cats at The Cat Cuddle Cafe

Although I hadn't booked in to see the kitties, I was just stopping by for lunch, knowing the owner of the cafe through work had the perk of being able to pop down to see the kitties! They have such a lovely set up for them down there, and I met some lovely furry friends. When things are safe, I definitely want to go back and hang out with them again!


  1. Aww, I love this!! I'm so glad that the protests in the U.S. are having a global impact. Racism and white supremacy are problems felt around the globe!!

    I also LOVE this cat cafe! I sooooo wish we had one here. That lasagna looks amazing, as does the milkshake.

    Side note: The arts org I work for partnered with our local humane society a couple years ago to do a cat yoga adoption event in our space, and I was in charge of making sure the cats stayed in the yoga room (and didn't run down our hall and get lost). That was a lot of work! Ha! We adopted a lot of cats, but they were a handful.

  2. The Cat Cuddle Cafe sounds like such a nice place! I hope work has been going well <3