Friday 23 August 2019

VeganMoFo 2019 #23: U is for Unicorn Latte (Eating Out: Gather and Feast)

A couple of days ago I posted about going up north a bit to see some dinosaurs. I went with a friend, and before hand we decided to check out Gather and Feast, which they had heard people say was quite vegan friendly. When we got there, we were not that fussed on the few vegan offerings on the menu. From my perspective, the vegan options seemed to all either by spicy of full of coconut fat. They did have a very pretty sounding vegan waffle though, if coconut ice cream and coconut foam is not an issue for you. In the end, we decided to just get some drinks. They had some fun ones of those.

My friend ordered a Vegan Iced Strawberry, which looked very pretty. It was topped with coconut ice cream (they don't have an issue with it, so that was OK), but they said overall the flavour was very weak.

Vegan Iced Strawberry at Gather & Feast

They had a lot of fun lattes, so you know what I had to do. While I was very tempted to get the Taro Latte, which I know is delicious, ultimately I chose beauty over taste and went with the Unicorn Latte. What is this beauty? It is beetroot latte and blue pea powder latte artistically mixed together. And yes, it was so pretty. I mean look at it. No regrets. Taste wise it didn't taste like much, which I was expecting. Except they sprinkle some blue pea latte powder over the top of it, which meant that I got a few mouthfuls of powdery bitter chunks... not ideal. BUT PRETTY!

Unicorn Latte at Gather & Feast

So, in summary, our drinks were pretty. I mean, I knew mine wasn't going to be a flavour sensation when I made my choice. But a shame about the Iced Strawberry.

Vegan Iced Strawberry and Unicorn Latte at Gather & Feast

The place was super cute as well. Look, if you find yourself in the area and need something, at least you know there are some things you can eat here. And if you aren't coconut fat and spicy adverse like myself, I am sure you will enjoy some of the things on the menu. Plus look at the cute decor.

Decor at Gather & Feast

Cather and Feast - 7 James St, Caboolture, Queensland

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


With the exception of Her Bed, that she got for her 15th birthday (and which I have posted a number of times this month), Gizmo wasn't that big on cat beds. She was, however, very big on regular beds. Check out this relaxed and silly post as she reclines against a pillow on our bed.


  1. The unicorn latte is so pretty! And talented baristas too making the heart so perfect!!
    Roxy uses pillows like humans too!! It always makes me laugh for some reason!!

    1. Latte art just amazes me, I don't understand how they make it so pretty!

  2. OMG Gizmo, I can't. This picture is too much! The drinks are indeed beautiful but it's too bad that the flavor wasn't great (and I bet powdery bits were quite unpleasant). But man, they are beautiful!!

    1. She was such a funny girl. She loved lying around any which way, she was always comfortable. I love her belly.

  3. That's a shame that the prettiness of the drinks didn't translate into deliciousness!
    Awww, sweet Gizmo lounging out on the bed, too cute!

    1. I knew I was choosing style over substance. I just can't help myself sometimes. I do with I'd gotten a taro latte to take away though, I know they are delicious.