Thursday, 6 February 2020

Midweek Munchies

Still munching my way through life...

Silken tofu scrambles continue to be a trusted mainstay of my lunches at home. This one had spinach added, was topped with lots of avocado, and was served with some sourdough toast with Fenn Smoked Sesame Cheese. The last Fenn Smoked Sesame Cheese ever, as they stopped making it. I was bereft. But it has come back in a way, which you'll see in later posts. But this was the last of the original and the best. RIP Fenn Smoked Sesame Cheese.

Scrambled tofu, sesame cheese and toast, avocado

The vegan yoghurt options keep expanding. I loved this Mango & Passionfruit Cashew So Delicious Yoghurt, it is one of my favourite flavours, nice and tangy. But the Vanilla & Chai Dairy Free Yo Pro? I had to throw most of it out, it was so gross. I am not one for protein added to things, I am not the target audience for it, but I thought I'd try it once as I do like trying new things for science. The taste was gross (also found out later it had stevia in it, foul), and it was just sludgy and gritty and PSA DO NOT BUY THIS! It comes in other flavours, but I can't imagine they would be better given that it was a texture issue. Ewwww.

Yoghurts from Woolworths

The final flavour of the Well & Good Cheesy Mac I tried was the Mushroom, which was my favourite of the three. It was still very soupy (you cook the pasta in the milk that then has the sauce powder stirred into it). I added some peas to mine, and served it over some baby spinach. And there was another addition as well..

Well & Good Mushroom Cheesy Mac (with peas)

Next! Is a vegan meat brand that is in Coles. They have bacon, chicken pieces, and some other stuff but I don't remember what. I got these chicken pieces on sale, no coconut oil in them (which a lot of the vegan meats seem to have), so I thought it would be fun to try.

Next! Chick'n Chunks

I sauteed them up and served some of them on top of my mac and cheese. They were fine, reasonable flavour, OK texture. Definitely not too realistic, which I appreciate. I also had some in a salad and made a sandwich with the leftovers that I didn't use on the mac and cheese, which were both fun ways to use them up. Obviously they would be fine in a curry or stew or something like that as well. I'd get them again if they were on sale.

Well & Good Mushroom Cheesy Mac (with peas) topped with Next! Chick'n Chunks

I screenshotted the recipe for these overnight oats from Odile's Instagram account. It has chocolate soy milk, tahini, goji berries, cacao nibs, maple syrup, and maca powder added to the oats. A nice fun breakfast. I topped with with fresh blueberries and pepitas.

Odile's Overnight Oats

Finally for today, a savoury treat. Baker's Delight is a bakery chain that has long had many vegan options, especially in the regular bread and the sweet snacks line. I love their apple scrolls and jam scrolls. However they recently added a vegan savoury option, called the Vegan Bite. It is a savoury dough wrapped around a piece vegan hot dog (I believe Vegie Delights) and topped with shredded BioCheese. BioCheese has a lot of coconut oil in it, so I can only have a very small amount. But these are just a little bite sized snack, so it is OK. It was fine, I think it would be better if you warmed it up slightly and then put some ketchup on it as well. But a handy thing to have available.

Vegan Bite from Baker's Delight

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


Sahara. I miss her. I needed to make sure no one forgets her beautiful face, so here is a photo of her beautiful face.


  1. That protein yogurt makes me think of one I tried in the states. It was suppose to be "greek" yogurt and it was just CHALKY! Soooo gross. I forget the brand, I think ripple? I usually like that added protein taste to things, but yuck. Not here.

    1. Chalky is exactly the word! Yuck yuck yuck.

  2. I tried a protein yogurt too, and it was GROSS!! It might have been the ripple that Jennifer mentioned. Vegan yogurt is so hit or miss!
    I could never forget Sahara's beautiful face!

    1. Sounds like protein should stay out of vegan yoghurt!

  3. What is with the gritty vegan yogurt? So many I've tried are like that. I don't remember dairy yogurt ever being gritty. It's weird. But I have found several I really liked. Problem is I never remember which is which because I eat it so rarely (vegan yogurt is SO EXPENSIVE). I should probably keep a list somewhere.

    1. I've only just really found some decent vegan yoghurt that I enjoy eating recently. Australia has been long behind in the vegan yoghurt stakes. There is always a risk trying any new vegan yoghurt.

  4. Your tofu scramble looks so good, and that's nice that the chick'n chunks weren't too realistic!
    Beautiful Sahara <3