Sunday, 31 December 2017

Cruelty Free Shop December 2017 Vegan Mystery Box

My final Christmas present was a 6 month subscription to the Cruelty Free Shop Vegan Mystery Box. My mum has given me this for the last few years, which is always fun. This year, she ordered it before the cut off for the December box, which meant that I had a box waiting to open on Christmas day. Let's see what's in the box!

CFS December 2017 Vegan Mystery Box

  • Fabulous Freefrom Choc Sea Salt Covered Fudgee Bites: Apparently this new product is a huge favourite, so I am curious to try it. Mostly I like sea salt and chocolate, so I hope it has a good enough salt hit. Unfortunately they are on the FEP's 'Cannot recommend but at least responded' list, so I won't be buying them for myself.
  • Cruelty Free Pantry Cheese Sauce: I am pretty good and making quick cheese sauces, but opening a packet is even easier! The packet makes two cups worth of sauce, but I will split it up into smaller servings as the need strikes. Planning on trying it out today with some vegetables.
  • Nestar Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts: Who doesn't love some coated nuts? I imaging the hazelnuts will be like a less sweet nutella combination. This brand does not appear on the FEP list at all, so I will be emailing them to find out.
  • Chef Soraya Katmandu Curry Lentils & Rice Cup: Another new product that I have seem around. I love quick cup meals for emergency lunches at conferences or conventions or other places where I am probably not going to be fed very much, so I will add this to my pile.
  • Sweet William Chocolate Santa: Sweet William is 'not approved but working on the issues in various ways' list for FEP. However in the past I have not been a fan of their 'chocolate', which if you read the ingredients is barely chocolate. So much sugar, soy flour and other things, cocoa appears way down the list.
  • Gaia Men's Shave Gel: I realised that this must have slipped under something and isn't in the photo. It is just a small sample sized sachet. Anyway, this is usable regardless of gender, and I will try it out for my underarms at some point.
  • Constant Craving Christmas Chocolate Coconut Truffle: I really love the truffles this brand makes (they have a jaffa one that is so good), and I am excited to try their Christmas offering. This brand is also not on the FEP list at all, so I guess I have some more emailing to do!
  • Organ Vegan Easy Egg: This seems to be like another FYH Vegan Egg. I am not a huge fan of FYH as a scramble, but I am keen to try it in quiches and frittatas, so I imagine that is what I will be doing with this as well. The box included a recipe to make frittata with it.
  • Funch Chocolate Bliss Ball Mix: Add water and sweetener, mix together, make balls. This will be a good snack.
  • Choose Cruelty Free Booklet: A bit of a cheat item, as this information is available online!

Anyway, pretty happy with this box, and looking forward to my next five! The January one should be here next week, so keep an eye out.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Sahara with Mystery Box

Here is a cute flashback to Sahara contemplating a mystery box last year. This was my first Christmas without her.


  1. I would be interested in trying the cheese sauce as well! That's too bad that none of the chocolates were on FEP's approved list. Sweet Sahara <3

    1. I tried the cheese sauce yesterday and it was pretty good! Thickens up super fast, making it great for last minute cheesy sauce cravings.

  2. I love how you mention if things are on the FEP list. This year all my chocolate that I got as gifts were not on the list. I need to gently remind my husband where there is more chocolate available at our local grocery store (they have mainstream chocolate and the "healthy chocolate" the later having the FEP stuff) Thought of you though since I got a 100% chocolate bar in my stocking. Didn't check that one if it was on the FEP list- but I am assuming it will be biiiiiiiiter.

    1. Oooohhhh.... 100% chocolate bar sounds like heaven! Bitter, dark and perfect, I bet!

      It has been interesting find out which brands are and aren't on the FEP list. I don't really have control over what comes in the mystery box, but then I look it up and it lets me know for the future.