Saturday, 11 February 2017

Cruelty Free Shop February 2017 Vegan Mystery Box

Time for another month of What's In The Box! The Cruelty Free Shop Vegan Mystery Box, that is.

February CFS Vegan Mystery Box

  • Nature's Charm Condensed Coconut Milk: This will be gifted on, as I don't like condensed milk and I am pretty sure I like it even less when it is coconut fatty.
  • Global Organics Chickpeas: Chickpeas never go astray. This month's box came with a recipe for aquafaba lemon meringe pie and a recipe for hummus, so they were going for a cute theme here.
  • Organic Matters Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn: I am not a popcorn fan, I am not a caramel fan, especially not when it is popped with coconut oil. So why can't I stop eating these? Only in small doses so the coconut oil and caramel doesn't do me in. But it is very tasty and very snackable. I just wish it had a bit more salt!
  • Pacific Foods Chocolate Almond Milk: I love flavourite milk. I have had their chocolate hazelnut milk (OMG, so good), but not the almond one before. Curious to see if it leaves me with saw dust tongue like almond milk so often does.
  • The Red Balloon Vegan Jellies: Yes!!!! This is a major score. I was lucky enough to win some of these jellies in a competition last year, and they are seriously good. I am not a big lolly person, but I make an exception for these. Pretty stoked.
  • Vital Greens Mini Sachet: Will meet a morning green smoothie at some point.
  • Bonvita Nougat Bars: I haven't had one of these for ages, but I used to love them. Plus Bonvita is on the Food Empowerment Project's approved chocolate list, so it is a win all around.
  • Caroline's Vegetarian Tuna: In 2015 I experienced some of the Sophie's Kitchen tinned vegan tuna and it was... revolting? I threw it out. I am approaching this with extreme caution and skepticism.
  • Texas BBQ Jerky Primal Strip: I love these, and this is my favourite flavour. Though I wish they would sort out their packaging so that you could actually open them, those little strips to tear off are useless.

Anyway, pretty happy with this box.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post: Sahara Update


The highs and lows. Sahara was pretty knocked around by her first couple of weeks of chemo. My poor bear. On Wednesday she had her third week of treatment. Before this, she had an ultrasound to recheck the mass in her colon. The good news is that the mass is gone, she is in complete remission! Now, I do have to note that complete remission is not the same as a cure. It means the chemo is working, and so we get more time together. Anyway, a happy moment. However, on Sunday I noticed a lump that had suddenly come up. A needle aspirate was sent to the lab, and it came back as probably sarcoma, which is another type of goddamn cancer. So on Tuesday she has to go in for surgery to remove it, which will also set the chemo for her lymphoma back a week. A very unhappy moment.


  1. I tried a vegan canned tuna once and to say it was disgusting is giving it too much credit! I'm interested to hear about the brand you got.
    I am so sorry about Sahara. Poor girl. Hopefully the surgery will go well, and she can continue to be in remission. Sending hugs and so many well wishes to you both!!

  2. I keep meaning to try the Primal jerky; I'll have to see if I can find the Texas BBQ flavor. Sahara is such a brave girl; I hope her surgery goes well. <3

  3. I heard through Hillary's blog that you lost Sahara last week. I just wanted you to know how sorry I am. She was a beautiful, brave little girl and you were lucky to have found one another. You are in my thoughts.

  4. Oooh the sea salt caramel popcorn sounds so good! I actually love caramel AND popcorn, so I imagine I would quite enjoy this.
    The nougat bar sounds pretty awesome too.

  5. Oh, I am really sorry about Sahara =/

    If I had received that box, the tuna is probably what I would have been most excited about, hehehe.