Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Recipe Round-Up: Appetite for Reduction

I do love some delicious low-fat eats, and Isa knows how to do it!

Pineapple Kale, Broiled Blackened Tofu and Butternut Coconut Rice: My tofu never really got blackened,and I didn't want to burn it, but it still got a nice crust (though was a tad dry) and had good spices. I really liked the butternut rice, it was lovely big servings that were really creamy and sweet, and was super quick to make. The greens were meant to be collards, but we don't have them so I used kale instead. The pineapple gave lovely sweet bursts as you were eating.
Rating: Kale :), Tofu :), Rice :)

Pineapple 'Collard' (Kale); Broiled Blackened Tofu; Butternut Coconut Rice

Goddess Nicoise: I love how pretty salade nicoise looks, and it is fun to create your own beautiful plate. Then take a photo and pour the dressing over it and muss it all up.The topping is chickpeas mashed with some capers and a bit of the Green Goddess Garlic Dressing, which you also serve on the side. I didn't use the red onion here, because I am not a fan of raw onions in general.
Rating: Salad :), Dressing :)

Goddess Nicoise

Horseradish-Dill Hummus: There are several hummus variations in the book, but this is one of my favourites. Because I love horseradish (this uses prepared horseradish thankfully, because fresh is really hard for me to find) and dill is my favourite herb.
Rating: :)

Horseradish-Dill Hummus

Fusilli Roasted Veggie Primavera: This is a lovely fresh pasta dish, full of veggies. I left out the capsicum of course. I also added some roasted chickpeas to the mix to bulk it up a little, which was a perfect addition
Rating: :)

Fusilli Roasted Veggie Primavera

Tempeh Helper: I never had hamburger helper, so I am not sure what to compare this too, but it was nice whatever it is. Seasoned tempeh and pasta shells covered in a cheese sauce. The Easy Breezy Cheesy Sauce is made from spices and flour mixed into water rather than being cashew based, and needs to be watched carefully to make sure that it does not catch on the bottom of the pan.
Rating: Tempeh Helper :), Cheesy Sauce :)

Tempeh Helper

Spinach Linguine with Edamame Pesto: Technically this is fettuccine, but close enough. They was a little meh, it just needed more depth of flavour to it. The mushroom and onions helped, and the pest on its own was very nice, but all together it just fell a little flat.
Rating: :|, pesto :)

Spinach Linguine with Edamame Pesto

Lasagna with Roasted Cauliflower Ricotta and Spinach: This cleverly uses roasted cauliflower and tofu to make a knock out ricotta that is seriously delicious. The flavour of it gets a little lost when cooked the the lasagna, but it was still a very happy dinner.
Rating: :), Ricotta itself :D

Lasagna with Roasted Cauliflower Ricotta and Spinach

Lasagna with Roasted Cauliflower Ricotta and Spinach

Pasta a Fagioli with Spinach: Simple pasta and beans is always one of my favourite classic combinations. This has a tasty sauce and uses white beans (the recipe calls for navy beans but I used cannellini), plu slots of spinach so you get your greens. This was yummy, though I didn't find it very filling even with the beans.
Rating: :)

Pasta e Fagioli with Spinach

Curry Laska: I used about 200g of quartered fried tofu puffs instead of the extra firm tofu because I love tofu puffs in laksa. This is a nice laksa, based on red curry paste, with bok choy joining the noodles in the broth.
Rating: :)

Curry Laksa

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  1. My goodness, you are so discerning. I would definitely give that lasagna a :D ha ha. I love that recipe. Also the Nicoise Salad is a definitely :D for me. Such a great book, I have made so many recipes from it - but I still haven't tried that hummus! Glad to hear it's a hit. :)

  2. I love your round ups as I always get to see pics of things I haven't tried yet. The only thing I've made on this list is the blackened tofu. I don't think I've ever noticed the lasagne recipe. I did lend someone this book and they had it for ages but I got it back the other week so the lasagne might have to happen in the near future!

  3. This really is an excellent cookbook. Everything you made looks so yummy. I have not made the lasagna but dear lord Ceiling Cat it looks good! I'm not supposed to be eating a lot of soy, but I wonder if it would work with cashews and cauliflower instead? I'll have to try that. I'd have to leave out the olives though. Olives are my bell peppers! :)