Monday, December 23, 2013

Eating Out and About

I've been eating out a bit lately, and I thought I would share two lovely experiences I have had over the last few months.

Dayboro Deli Vegan Night

The Dayboro Deli is located an hour or so out of Brisbane in the town of Dayboro. A few months ago they held a series of four dinners, each focusing on a different 'food'. The first of the nights was a vegetable night, and they decided to make it all vegan. Of course I had to go! Driving to and from Dayboro in the dark was kind of terrifying - even with my high beams on it was pitch black! But it was worth it for a lovely dinner.

Dayboro Deli Vegan Night

The first course was 'Pine Nut and Sweet Potato Risotto with Crispy Kale'. This was a risotto made actually of pine nuts! A very nifty idea. The flavour was good, though as it cooled down it was quite rich. It came with a bit of crispy kale, which was amazing!

Dayboro Deli Vegan Night

The main course was 'Portobello Steak with Vegemite and Red Wine Jus and Baby Vegetable Medley'. As vegans, portobello steaks are nothing out of the ordinary. However this was a steak made from minced mushroom that was bound together and cooked. Mixed with the delicious jus, it was a great combination!

Dayboro Deli Vegan Night

Dessert was 'Coconut Milk Kheer Pudding with Carrot, Orange Mousse and Beetroot Sorbet'. The beetroot sorbet was kind of like eating a frozen baby beetroot from a can in flavour, but all together it really worked.

All up it was a great night, well worth the trip out there. I really enjoyed how the chef was quite inventive with how he made the dinners, it is great to see that sort of effort put in to vegan food and omni places!

Statler and Waldorf

One of the nurses at work goes out with one of the owners and chefs of The Statler and Waldorf Gastronomy Club in Paddington. On a regular day, the menu will have a couple of vegetarian options, however vegan not so much. However, when Lisa arranged for our work Christmas party to be held there, they were able to put together a delicious array of share plates that were mostly vegan.

Statler and Waldorf

This salad was probably the favourite of the table, a Waldorf Salad. Greens, shredded apple, candied walnuts and frozen grapes (and other things as well I am sure), forks were crossed trying to scrape the last of this amazing salad off the boards and onto our plates, or just directly into our stomachs. I loved the frozen grapes!

Statler and Waldorf

Coming in second by just the merest of a whisper were these amazing quinoa and eggplant tacos with avocado cream. So. Frakking. Good. I could have devoured a whole plate. Actually, these probably tied for first with the salad for me.

Statler and Waldorf

After this I gave up taking photos, because the whole low light/bright flash thing was really frustrating. You can see how bad this photo is! It is a photo of a little quartered beet and portobello slider (yum!). In the 'I did not take a picture' category there was also some lovely artichoke bruschetta - where the artichokes took the place of the bread and had a zesty topping. And a giant pot of sweet potato chips with more avocado cream.

This was an amazing dinner! I was so happy and full after this. I would recommend checking out Statler and Waldorf should the opportunity arise - just be sure to call in advance so they can put together a great vegan menu! Even if you aren't vegan, if everyone keeps asking for those amazing tacos maybe they will put it on the menu permanently? YUM!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Possum Asana

Cats love yoga mats, and they love yoga poses. Here is Possum practicing a very important pose - Resting Cat. Possum turned nineteen years old in September, he is amazing!


veganopoulous said...

oh wow all of that sounds amazing, I can't decide which sounds better!

Cassi Conyers said...

That meal sounds epic! I wish I would have known you had I a blog sooner!!
(Also I didn't mean to delete your comment my fat fingers got in the way. I was reading on my phone)

Mia said...

Aw Possum! My dogs love my yoga mat too. As soon as I roll it out they both lie on it. They like Sphinx pose, Savasana and appropriately, Downward Dog.

Theresa said...

Merry Christmas, Susan! How wonderful to have a christmas party where you could eat lots of the things!

River said...

Such impressive dishes! The drive to the Dayboro Deli sounds scary, but it looks like it was worth it.

Possum is such a cutie! I never would have guessed he was nineteen. Yoga for longevity! :)

Merry Christmas to you and your fluffy buddies! said...

Awww, resting cat! Too cute! I love it when non-veggie places put on vegan nights too and I'll always make every effort to go along..