Monday, 1 April 2013

Hello again! And back to Sydney.

It has been a really long time since I have blogged, and an even longer time since I have blogged regularly. However, I've been feeling the blogging urge of late. So hello again!

Since I spoke to you last, I have been working (of course), went to Japan (which was awesome) and have started a new vegan venture, called Eating For Animals. My little Sahara has been having some health issues, she was diagnosed with quite severe IBD at the end of last year, and we are still trying to get the right combination of meds and diet to control it. She had to have patella surgery several weeks ago as well, and had to be cage rested for a month and also had a giant bandage on her leg! She is sweet and brave. Dim Sim has been good. I have also been working away at my masters and also testing for my friend's new vegan cookbook, which is going to be an amazing book!

Anyway, on to some fun times and food! In January I was a bridesmaid, which meant I got to spend a weekend in Sydney. It was in fact my first weekend in Sydney in almost two years! Insane. The wedding was on a Friday, so I got to spend the rest of the weekend in Sydney, nomming it up. I stayed with the delightful Leigh, who was an excellent host and happens to live in an extremely convenient location!

I was staying insanely close to Sadhana Kitchen, so I headed there for breakfast.

Raw Crepe from Sadhana
I was really excited about trying the Banana Coconut Pancakes - Sprouted buckwheat and coconut pancakes served with superfood caramel sauce and fresh banana. It was amazing, so delicious. It is like magic how these are raw.
Green Smoothie from Sadhana
I also had the Daily Green Smoothie - Seasonal greens, cos lettuce, celery, banana, mango, apple.
Super Ginger Juice from Sadhana
I had been battling a head cold for a few days that was moving down into my chest, so I also requested a super ginger juice. I think it had carrots and orange in it as well as ginger. It burnt my throat all the way down, the very best! But the best thing about Sadhana was the lovely Sophie who was working there. Was lovely to see her. :) 
I then caught a bus to Surry Hills to meet up with Mandee and Michelle for lunch. Just as I arrived it started absolutely bucketing down with rain. There were no tables inside, so we ended up waiting for sometime with out umbrellas in the rain until there was space. I was pretty soaked through!
Potato Nachos from Mad Spud
I had been looking forward to trying the potato nachos, and they did not disappoint! Michelle also had the nachos.
Tofu Stack from Mad Spuds
Mandee had the Vegan Stack. Looks yum! After carbing it up, Michelle and I went for a stroll down into the city and found a Daiso store - this is a Japanese chain or super cheap things. I will elaborate more when I post about my Japan trip, but it was so exciting to see it. It has awesome stuff.
After saying goodbye to Michelle at the train station, I walked back up to Surry Hills to go to The Original California Burrito Company, as I had heard they had vegan cheese and sour cream for their burritos.
I had one with rice, veggies and spinach. It was fun having the vegan sour cream, but I wasn't particularly blown away by the burrito itself. I then started the walk of all walks, walking down Cleveland, then cutting across to Broadway, before walking up Glebe Point Rd to visit the new location of The Cruelty Free Shop. I  stocked up on my favourite chocolate chips (Tropical Source) and also tried some new yummy Nakd bars and a raw chocolate that was really yummy.
Coconut and Rose Vanilla cone from Vegan's Choice
I then walked back, through Sydney Uni and down King Street. I stopped at Vegan's Choice and got an ice cream cone - one scoop coconut and one scoop rose vanilla. The coconut ice cream here used to be my favourite ever. But the flavour is not what it was.
I met up with Leigh to go to dinner with her and J at an African place on Enmore Road. What followed was an amazing feast of fresh vegetables, beans and rice. I don't remember what everything is called, so just look at pretty pictures.
African African
African African
2013-02-16 20.02.35
After this, we went and got Gelato. I had coconut and chocolate. Yum.
2013-02-16 20.54.31
I didn't realise how many photos I had! This is just food from the first day! I'll post the rest in my next post.
Cute Kitty of the Post

I could not forget to include a kitty!
This is Lucie, one of Leigh's lovely ladies. Lucie is a super senior kitty. She slept on the sofa next to my air mattress and supervised my sleeping.


  1. I am very glad to see you back! Your blog was always one of my favorites. I am looking forward to many more posts.


  2. Potato nachos? GENIUS!! Why haven't I ever thought of this.

    That ice cream looks amazing.

  3. Chantal - Thank you, that is very sweet. :)

    Sal - OMG it was amazing! Crispy potato skin heaven. I've made nachos with potato gems at home before, but they don't hold a candle to the skins!

  4. Seriously, potato nachos is genus!

    I'm excited to see you blogging regularly again and I can't wait to read about your trip to Japan.

  5. Ohai! It's so nice to see you in blogging action again! What a mouthwatering display of food! Yes, I must join the rest and freak out about potato nachos! Want!

    Poor Sahara. I hope she's feeling better now. :(

    Eating For Animals sounds like a wonderful venture! Heads up: it looks like the link to the facebook page is missing the final "s".