Wednesday, 16 November 2011

30th Birthday part two

So all that food I showed you before? That was just the first course of the party! After stuffing ourselves with finger food, it was time to burn off some of it to make room for dinner. It was a garden party after all, so how about some garden games?


There was bocce.

Ringtoss in the dark

And ring toss.

People claimed they were too full to eat another bite, however when dinner hit the table (buffet style), there was a queue of people lining up to fill their plates.

Sausage Rolls

There were Leigh's soon to be world famous sausage rolls, which will be featured in her upcoming cookbook. These are the best sausage rolls in the world, even omnis love them. They are magic!

BBQ Tofu and Tempeh

Baked BBQ tempeh and tofu triangles.

Mac and Cheese Muffins
(Photo courtesy Brendan Waite).

Mac and Cheese muffins. These were so cute when they came out!

(Photo courtesy Brendan Waite).

I also had sunflowers. Two were in coloured glass bottles with their long stems, and another two cut short and peeking out of tea pots. So bright and happy.

Quinoa Salad

There was also a loaded quinoa and black bean salad.

Chef's Salad

Also a lovely green salad, with cos, baby spinach, rocket and roasted asparagus. This was served with Caesar Chavez dressing, from Appetite For Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, on the side.

My plate

My plate - nom! Unfortunately my dress, which was lovely, had a really tight waist band that cut right across my stomach. It was fine generally, though did kind of limit the amount I may otherwise have eating. ;) Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of me in my dress. Maybe I shall have to recreate the look for my scrapbooking.

Astors next to the iPod Dock

I also had some of these lovely pink Astors in a vase, decorating the table with my matching pink iPod.

Dinner was delicious! But what is a birthday party without cake?

Chocolate Cherry Cake
(Photo courtesy Brendan Waite).

For those who have read this blog for a little while, my love of the chocolate cherry combination is well known. So of course I had a chocolate cherry cake. It is decorated with strawberries as fresh cherries weren't yet in season. I had local vegan cake maker Kamina make the cake. She makes fabulous cakes, cheesecakes and slices where are available at The Green Edge as well.

Chocolate Cherry Cake

Inside shot. That's a layer of chocolate mousse in the middle, as well. This cake was so good!

And thus ended my party. My guests waddled off with full bellies, except those who were staying at my place, who instead entered a reclining phase. And I entered the epic clean up phase. My tootsies were sore, but future me was very thankful to come down to a clean kitchen in the morning.

I was really happy with how my party went, it was small and sweet and had loads of amazing food and my favourite people - just the way I like it! A huge thank you must, of course, go to Leigh. It was she who made all this eating possible! Also a thanks to my adorable friend Lisa from the clinic, who helped me plan the theme of the party. And thanks to everyone who came, and everyone who sent birthday wishes!

There are still more birthday shenanigans and food to come!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


My Gizmo strikes a pose.


  1. All that food looks amazing, what a great way to celebrate your 30th, happt birthday!

  2. Holy. Moly. Next year, you are having this birthday party AGAIN, down to the last detail, and you are inviting all of us. OR I WEEEEL BEEEAAAT YOUUUUUZ

  3. Well, I wish I was in Brisbane for this, because it all looks totally amazing. Mac&Cheese cupcakes! Choc cherry cake! I want all of it!

  4. Wow! Great wrap up :) I finally dug up all of my photos and eh - they were mostly just prep photos and really not that exciting.

    a) Totally my pleasure to cater for you! Thank you to you and your mum for the kitchen wenching!! (And the really fun kitchen to play in!)

    b) I never realised that I was the first other vegan you'd met! Yay for vegan SF cat nerds :D

    c) So, what's the menu for your 35th going to be? ;)

  5. Ok, can we turn back time so you can invite me?

    I can't wait for Leigh's book.

  6. ha ha, I'm like you, I always like to do the clearing up before going to bed to leave the next day free to recover!