Friday, 30 September 2011

Possum turns 17!

Two kitty dedicated posts - you know you love them. Sweet little fuzzy faces, what is not to love? Anyway, I am much more timely with Possum's birthday post than I was with Sahara's (which was about a month late). Who is Possum? Possum is my family cat. I live with four cats at home - my three girls and the handsome Possum, who has been very gracious about having his solitary life interrupted by my three kids for the past three and a half years, with probably many more to come!

Possum turned 17 on the 28th of September. He enjoyed some of his favourite special treats. I was out at work all day and had a vet meeting until late that night, so I didn't have much time to spend with him on his birthday. I did take these adorable photos of him before bed.

Happy birthday little man!

Tomorrow is the first of October, which means it is Vegan MoFo! I will be participating this year, and I am determined to make the quota this year!