Thursday, 12 August 2010

Jen and Ryan's Wedding

Last weekend, my wonderful friend Jen married her partner Ryan. No to be confused with the other Jen who married Freddy last year. It was a glorious day, and a beautiful bride.

Isn't she just so beautiful you could cry? OK, so I am totally biased... but what a glorious bride!

The wedding was lovely, and was held at Victoria Park in their Garden Marquee, which ad a beautiful view overlooking the golf course and the city.

The kiss! Our beautiful married couple.

After the wedding, it was a chilly wait for an hour and a half at an outdoor bistro waiting for the reception. I was obviously looking forward to some vegan noms, and was curious to know what they might serve me. Apparently the venue has some vegan options naturally, and she kindly informed them that I was a hungry vegan so they could plan accordingly.

While other kids were eating crab cakes or mushroom gnocchi, I was given this bowl of yummy pumpkin and coconut soup. It was really thick and delicious. Fairly small, though a big bowl might have been a bit rich. There was the standard bread roll at the place setting, but with no guarantee of its veganess I skipped it. It left me slightly hungry though. But taste wise the soup was a winner.

Who needs steak or fish when you can have a gorgeous vegetable risotto? I have to say that this function centre certainly knows how to get some great flavour from some simple vegan dishes. Though I would have liked a slightly bigger serving size! Given that I was not comsuming a huge chunk of animal on my plate (eww and ick), surely they could have spared a little more?

The wedding cake was for dessert, and the happy couple had chosen a cupcake cake - very cute. But very not vegan. However - and this is when you know that you have wonderful friends - in the business of the day before the wedding Ryan found time to head over to Loving Hut to pick me up a little something for dessert. How awesome are my friends??

So I enjoyed a Raspberry Cheezecake that was carefully transported in. The venue provided a little scoop of mango sorbet, instead of ice cream, that was fantastic (I knew there had to be more than one scoop out the back and I really wanted to sneak into the kitchen and devour it all!) and also some berry compote that everyone got. The raspberry cheezecake was very rich, which made up for my slightly grumbly tummy with the previous two courses.

Jen and I. :)

Two posts in two days! What is this crazy talk?? Hee. So I have a lot of various events to blog about as well from the last ever. I have decided to start at the most recent and work backwards, it seems like the thing to do.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Possum the family cat has become more intrigued with my shoes after I get home from a long day at work. They must smell very interesting to him!


  1. Gorgeous dress! I find most wedding dresses in the world ugly, so I'm not just saying that!

    Aww. Loving Hut cakes just for you. And Possum. AWW.

  2. Looks like it was a lovely wedding- I do my fair share as a dj... too bad the portions were too small - I would have devoured that dessert though :)

  3. What a lovely bride! The food looks great, too bad the servings were too small. But then again, I guess that means there's more room for dessert! :P

    Aww, Possum! He seems to be very protective of your shoes! :)

  4. Jen's dress is beautiful as are both of you! And the food, what a great spread you were given!

  5. wow, that's awesome vegan wedding food! The only thing I've been given at weddings as the vegan option is steamed veggies in broth :(