Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Sadly, my friend Tash from work left us last week to go back to her hometown of Sydney and work in a vet clinic there. Sadness. It means I a also losing my Battlestar buddy, tragically only two weeks out from the season finale!

For a goodbye shindig, several of the girls from work headed out for a farewell dinner at Montezumas. I love Mexican, and I love Montezumas! They are tasty and have a reasonable selection of vegan options. All you need to do is ask for the menu for special dietary requirements and there you go!

So, lets get Mexican!

I'm a non drinker. Partly because I am a driver and partly because it just seems like too much work. So this is my pretty, pretty mocktail. It is a 'Strawberry Crush', which is basically just strawberries and ice all crushed up but it is super yummy and sweet and a very Susan type of drink.

My main course was a vegetarian burrito - minus the nasty cheese and sour cream. It is a feast of beans, rice and tortillas with sadly too few olives on top. Oh, to have more olives!

And because I was super hungry and had a craving for vitamins, this is their amazing salad. I get it minus the cheese, of course. But it is a whole bowl full of raw veggie goodness - celery, carrot, cabbage, radish and broccoli. Plus the super special ingredient - raw apple. So yummy!

They have some other great vegan options as well! Though sadly their dessert options offer no vegan joy.

The following night Tash and I had a private farewell, with dinner from Loving Hut and our last viewing of Battlestar together for a long time. Dinner was awesome! I had the 'Sandy Beach' special, which is rice, vegetables, some sort of faux cutlets and tartare sauce. Yum! We had Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls for starters and Orange Poppy Seed cake for dessert. I have to start taking photos from there! I also had a great lunch there on Monday. I'm going to The Forest on Saturday for dinner, so I must remember to take some pictures!


  1. that plate of food looks soo good. I love mexican food too and find our local place is pretty good for vegan options, once you ask them to take off the cheese and sourcream!!

  2. Mexican is my top fave food of all time EVER!
    That mocktail looks sooooo good.

  3. It's always a good time for Mexican food!!

  4. I'm sorry your friend is leaving :( but it looks like you had a super awesome Mexican meal! I want that mocktail, so pink!

  5. I'm sorry your friend is leaving.

    That burrito looks heavenly! YUM!

    Oh and I don't know if you've seen it, but your friend who just got diagnosed with the allergies might like this blog too (she's not vegetarian but she is very allergy free and makes a LOT of veg dishes):