Thursday, 21 October 2021

Midweek Munchies

Who is hungry?

I made some burgers! Using the Fry's Big Fry Burger. These are sold in the freezer section, but I only found out as I took them out of the freezer at home to make them that they are meant to be thawed before cooking. Ugh. Anyway, thankfully I was able to defrost in the microwave, then cook. They were OK, but they have this slightly distinct taste that a lot of the beefy Fry's products seem to have (like the mince and the beef strips). To make it into a cheeseburger I used some Tofutti American Style slices. Tofutti slices were the second vegan cheese I ever found (the first being that ubiquitous tube of Kingland vegan cheese in supermarkets in the early 2000s), and I still have a soft spot for them. They are exactly like those individually wrapped Kraft cheeseslices I had as a kid. I hadn't seen them for years until stumbling onto a pile at The Green Edge one day recently. I finished it up with a Fry's Brioche bun and some Coles Cheeseburger Sauce.

Fry's Cheeseburger

Fry's Cheeseburger

A papple! A new fruit sensation, according to the sticker. It's an apple pear hybrid, and was like eating a crunchy pear.


I bought these Teriyaki Munchies ages ago because they sounded good and also the nuts in it are 'activated' with kombucha, which tickles my silly food bone. These were totally delicious!! However they are extremely expensive, so I will only be buying them in the future as a sometimes food.

Teriyaki Munchies

Picked up some Ginger & Lemon Kombucha from Coles and it was good! Nice and dry, not too bubbly, no stevia!

Coles Kombucha

I have shared some Plantry Frozen Meals before, mostly I eat their lasagne. However I decided to try the Pad Thai after confirming that it didn't have any chilli in it. It is really yummy for a frozen meal, and is now my favourite of the bunch! It does have a bit of capsicum in it, but not much and it is on the top so it is easy to pick them out. I really like this one.

Plantry Pad Thai

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


Sharing more of my precious girls with Gizmo, all curled up.


  1. It's the papple that tickles my silly food bone. :D I reckon I'd enjoy one of those.

    1. I just couldn't resist it. Fun to say, fun to eat!

  2. Finding a new frozen meal is such a feeling of having scored for me--convenience is so wonderful sometimes.

    1. Yes! When I finish work late, I actually look foward to eating this when I get home.