Wednesday 28 February 2024

Midweek Munchies

Hello friends!

Yesterday I got back from a trip to Sydney (the first trip I've been on since several years before COVID even started), where I saw Taylor Swift! I also ate some great food. And I wore my N95 mask and sprayed my nasal spray frequently because we are still in a pandemic! Even if I was the only one who was doing that.

I will share some of my Sydney foods soon, but today as I ease back into blogging it seemed like some Midweek Munchies would be a good way to go. Especially as it is Wednesday today. So, let's see if I can remember anything about these things!

I love kraut, and I love dill pickles, and this was an excellent combination. I had it on sandwiches, salads, and bowls, and very much enjoyed it. I'd buy it again.

Dill Pickle Kraut

This is a new brand of vegan M&M type things, that you can get in Woolworths. They suffer slightly from them trying to reduce the sugar content in it, but at least they don't have stevia in them. They use monkfruit. The peanut ones are the best!

Vegan M&Ms

After trying the Impressed Strawberry Oat Milk, I tried the chocolate one after I found it on sale. Again, a but of a funny aftertaste, there are much better vegan chocolate milks out there.

Impressed Chocolate Oat Milk

It had been years since I'd had the Field Roast burgers, but they were on sale at The Green Edge so I bought some and stashed them in my freezer until the time was right. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed them!

Field Roast Burgers

Some yummy savoury pies from Coles.

Nature's Kitchen Mushroom and Lentil Pies

I found these vegan friendly chips at Ikea. I don't remember what they were like, which I guess means they were fine. Not good enough or bad enough to leave an impression.

Ikea Chips

Of course I had to buy the sweet mustard pickle made with kombucha, how ridiculous. Alas, it wasn't that good. I like my sweet mustard pickle to have actual chunks of pickle in it, and this was weirdly smooth and sludgy.

Kombucha Mustard Pickle

Coles makes a Vegan Caesar Salad dressing, and it is great! Though the most recent bottle I got looks different, so I hope they haven't changed the recipe.

Caesar Dressing

Cute Kitty Photos of the Post


Eloise, helping me pack for Sydney.


  1. You always find the most intriguing products to try. I also think you are braver than me since I don't think I would try all of these. Can't wait to hear about our Sydney trip. Hope you had a great view of TS and enjoyed yourself. - Sri.

    1. Hoping to start my Sydney blogging posts on the weekend!

      I will try almost anything as long as it isn't full of coconut fat, chilli, coffee, or stevia.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm lucky to have quite a few good ones to choose from here.

  3. I've tried the pickled mushroom flavour of those IKEA chips - they were really good!

    1. I've had the mushroom ones as well! Those I would get again.