Sunday 18 February 2024

BrisVenture 2023 Day Six and Seven: The Final Edition (also, I LIVE!)


I don't know how it has been almost three months since I have posted on here. Time and things just got away from me. Then I fell into a spiral where I was really far behind on catching up on blog posts, but then for some reason blogger and google wouldn't communicate properly and stopped me from commenting a bunch, so then I felt bad about posting again before I'd caught up. Which is silly talk, I can post and then catch up! Also I have fixed the blogger/google thing so now I can comment again on the posts I still haven't read.

So, what have I been doing?? I have been pretty much working, being with my cats, and my hyperfixation on Our Flag Means Death is as strong as ever. Did you know that MAX cancelled the show even though pre-production for the third season was already underway, and it is one of their highest rating shows?? They did. And it may sound silly, but that really put me in a very not good place. Thankfully part of my OFMD hyperfixation is that I have a wonderful community online of fellow fans, how great is that! Also, we are going to save our show, or possibly die trying.

With that in mind, before you read on could you please visit and sign the petition? Sign it from every email account you have. Share it with your friends, family, colleagues, strangers. The petition is just one part of the campaign to save the show, but every signature could help!

But I know what you are here for, food times! So, time to finish up my adventures with my friends who visited me in November. On our final day, we went to a vegan market. Not one of the regular Brisbane Vegan Markets, this was a ticketed event for one weekend only. I was thinking it was going to be like the Brisbane Vegan Expo I'd been to before. I could not have been more wrong. It was tiny, and had almost no interesting stalls. We were so disappointed. Luckily, it at least had a small collection of food stalls that we visited. And it was in a pretty location.

The Vegan Market

Helen went straight for this plate of Balinese food.

Balinese Food

I started with some tofu rice paper rolls. Molly also got a noodle bowl from the same stall, but I forgot to take a photo of that!

Rice Paper Rolls

And Sharnette tried a cheeseburger served on a doughnut bun from Vegood!

Cheesebuger from Vegood

I also got a pretzel with mustard beer sauce, and a trio of bao from Vegood.

Bao Trio and Pretzel from Vegood

And we all got some lychee iced tea, lychee was the flavour of the day!

Lychee Drink

What did we do after this? We went home and did... things. I don't quite remember what we got up to in the afternoon. But I do remember we got pizza for dinner from Pizza Hut, and everyone was very impressed that we had several pizza chains with vegan options. We also had fairy bread and Vegemite on toast, and watched the movie of What We Do In The Shadows.

We had a pretty low key day for the final day, starting with Helen making us all beans on toast. This is a very common thing here in Australia, but apparently not in the US!

Beans on Toast

We ate some vegan meat pies for lunch (apparently also not a thing in the US) and then went back to The Green Edge for everyone to do a final shop. Then home for Helen to make us dinner! Helen and Molly had bought some Plant Based Garlic Kievs, and we cooked those up with some sauteed brocollini and roasted potatoes.

Kiev Dinner

Kiev Dinner

Early the next morning, I took them to the airport and they headed off to Sydney. I had so much fun with them while they were here! Australia is so far away from most of the rest of the world, and Brisbane doesn't have the general appeal of Melbourne or Sydney, so the fact that they came and spent a whole week with me was so special! And I'm always open to visitors from cool overseas friends!!

I plan to be back as much as I can. I still have so many photos to share for things! Though lately I have hardly been cooking, thanks fibro! Chronic pain and fatige sucks. I also have some cool things coming up - I am going to Sydney on the weekend to see Taylor's final Australian Era's show on Monday the 26th of Feb, and then this time in two months I will be on my Scotland/Barcelona adventure! All with my N95 mask strapped to my face, of course.

How have you all been??

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

All the girls

Ignore the messy background, but this is a rare photo of all of the girls! They are all doing pretty well, and are as adorable as ever!


  1. Hello!!! So nice to ‘see’ you again after so long. Sounds like your whole friend visit was filled with good times and joy. I think it is my fault Our Flag got cancelled as I still have not gotten around to watching it. I trust your judgement and will support another season! And I hope you have a blast seeing Taylor! The concerts look amazing. Any progress on getting the input you need to compete your PhD? - Sri.

    1. The PhD drags on. It is submitted, and the final chapter has now been published in a peer reviewed journal independently! But there has been a delay on getting reviewers for the actual thesis, so that won't start until mid April. At least I'm not relying on getting my PhD awarded for a job!

  2. I'm glad you had a good visit! Definitely just catch up as you want, when you can.

    If a show is a coping mechanism you've relied on, it makes sense to be invested in it in that way.

    And as for American foodways, I've had beans on toast but no, it's not common, and although we have pot pie, mostly, we think of pie as sweet. But I remember when I was in England I was just IN LOVE with all the savory pies. My English friends thought me a bit weird.

    1. Savoury pies are SO GOOD! You are not weird, you are very correct about it.

  3. We've missed you! And now I'm out of sync because my job is extra-busy and I've not been blogging for a bit. It's nice to catch up with your Brisbane foods anyway. :)