Friday, 9 April 2021

Midweek Munchies

I have so many random foods to share with you saved to my computer, so let's keep on keeping on.

A number of vegan 'fresh' minces are now available, and this is the Made With Plants one that I picked up on sale on day. I froze half for use in a future recipe from a cookbook, and used the other half to make some lunches. While the half I froze was designated to make meatballs, the other half I just fried up to try it out. As you can see, it kind of clumps together when you crumble it into the pan, so it didn't really 'brown' all that evenly.

Made With Plants Mince

Made From Plants Mince

I used it to make some baked potatoes for lunches and use up some other random bits and pieces. The first was a bolognese baked potato, which had a bit of leftover pasta sauce, some diced roasted eggplant, and baby spinach. And topped with some FYH parmesan.

Made From Plants Mince Bolognese Baked Potato

The next day I made a cheeseburger baked potato, which also had some cheesy sauce and nutritional yeast, and was topped with some shredded lettuce and the last bit of Coles Vegan Burger Sauce in the bottle.

Made With Plants Big Mac Baked Potato

Here's another one of those vegan Nutrish soup flavours, this one was the purple one called 'Tickle Me Purple'. As you can see, it has tomato, purple carrot, hemp and amaranth seeds, and acerola (apparently a berry rich in Vitamin C according to Google). Honestly, the seeds were just pointless and made it kind of weird and gritty. They were not needed. Otherwise it was OK.

Nutrish Soup Purple

I had another packet of that pudding, this time chocolate flavoured. Still with the gross stevia. I used some soy cream to blend it up this time, rather than oat milk, so it ended up a lot thicker. Served with some strawberries, but I still added some more strawberry jam after this photo to help with the stevia taste. If you need to cover up the stevia taste with sugar, then maybe just use sugar in the first place!

Instant Chocolate Pudding

Kingston Biscuits were one of my favourite biscuits from my pre-vegan days, and no one has ever really quite made a decent vegan version. So I was excited to see these Princetons available at the supermarket. Unfortunately, it ends at the name. The biscuit part is too dry, probably a side effect of being gluten free. And the chocolate in the middle was too sweet and kind of grainy. A miss for me.


Finally, this Vietnamese Pho sipping broth. It is basically a tea bag, but with pho broth ingredients inside instead. A very clever idea! Often when I am a bit under the weather, I wish I could just drink some pho broth. They also have some other flavours, though most of them have chilli in them. And they were also fairly pricey, given that there is just two little bags inside. The instructions say to steep for 3-5 minutes then discard the bag. Ignore this. Steep for longer, and then get a spoon and gently press the bag to get all the flavour out of it. Otherwise it just tastes like slightly pho-scented water. You need to press that bag to get the flavour out and into your mug properly. Then it is a lovely savoury broth.

Sipping broth


  1. I know this sounds silly, but besides the cost, the main reason I don't try or use a lot of the vegan ground is because I hate touching it! I absolutely hate how real some of it looks, and I hate the way it feels on my skin!!
    I'm so glad I'm not alone on my hatred of stevia! That's such a great point about having to add sugar to cover up the stevia taste!
    Sipping Pho broth sounds so incredible!!!

    1. That isn't silly at all! This brand looks mincey, but it doesn't really feel that real. It is more weirdly pasty and clumpy, which is also not a nice feeling, but in a different way.

      I found another box of that damn pudding in my cupboard, and I am going to make it tonight but using a sweetened rice cream to blend it, so I will report.

  2. Pho broth in a tea bag sounds AMAZING. I have to figure out where I can find such a thing.