Thursday, 28 March 2019

MidWeek Munchies

Time for some more random stuff I have been eating!

A while ago I posted about how I tried the Beast Burger and it was gross. But also that I had tried the Beyond Burger before that and it was too meaty for me, but I didn't have a photo. I randomly found the photo. So here it is. With cheese, pickles, mustard, and ketchup. They are starting to sell this in supermarkets now, and Grill'd has just started serving them as an option for burgers in all their stores, so I am excited to see it getting wider in availability for those who want it.

Beyond Burger

In a Vegan Mystery Box at some stage I got a packet of Riega Organic Vegetable Fajita seasoning mix. I was suspicious, because it had chilli. I also know that normally fajita vegetables are mostly capsicum. I used a mix of sweet potato, celery, zucchini, and spinach. I was glad for the avocado I put on top, because it was a bit spicy.

Fajita Spice Mix

I had a packet of Upton's Sweet and Smoky Seitan to use up, so I made this recipe for Sweet & Smoky Fried Rice that I found on their website. I did change it a little bit, decreasing the amount of rice to 3 cups, and also I used some chopped up FYH Egg Omelette instead of making the scrambled tofu.

Sweet and Smoky Fried Rice with Upton's Sweet and Smoky Jackfruit

Last year, for World Vegan Day, I visited a new-to-me 'health' food store called Nutritious, Delicious, & Co that was having 20% off everything vegan. I went a little overboard! Oh well. Then I found out they have 20% store wide every second Thursday if you become a member, so of course I became a member!

WVD Haul from Delicious Nutritious and Co

For my birthday last year, my mum made me a chocolate cake! I had some leftover ganache and cashew cream from some other recipes that I mixed together to make an icing. It was really nice cake.

My birthday cake

I picked up a packet of Blue Frog Crunchy Peanut Butter with Cacao and Zesty Raspberry Grain Free Granola, made with Fix & Fogg peanut butter. It was so good! I enjoyed it with some yoghurt and berries. I'd love to buy this again, and try some of their other flavours, however it is a pricey business so it will be an every now and then food only.

Blue Frog PB&J Granola with yoghurt

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Juniper Jellybean

This cutie pie is Juniper Jellybean! Another one of our adoption kitties. She is tiny, black, and so precise and polite! She gives very sweet kisses, and is an excellent toy mouse hunter.


  1. The only thing cuter than the name Jupiter Jellybean is Jupiter Jellybean herself.

    1. She provides a lot of distraction and joy during the work day with her cuteness!

  2. Oooh what a great haul from Nutritious, Delicious and Co!! Alter Eco Quinoa chocolate is one of my favorite chocolate bars ever. I don't even particularly like quinoa but that chocolate bar is delicious. That burger does look good, even if I'm not typically tempted by burger type things!

    OMG Juniper Jellybean is the cutest name ever and she is so sweet! I love your Kitty Pics of the Post!

    1. Kitties are my brand. ;)

      I love that chocolate as well! It is so crunchy and delicious, hard to stop eating.

  3. So many interesting products. I don’t mind a bit of Seitan! And how gorgeous is Jupiter Jellybean!? 😍

  4. That lunar latte sounds yummy! So does that cake

    1. I haven't had the lunar latte yet. It has been too hot. But now it is cooling down a bit I look forward to snuggling up with a hot drink.