Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Eating Out: Ginger & Rose

I've been back to the charming Ginger & Rose a few times since my last visits. Lovely vegan options, a great atmosphere, wonderful service, plus soy ice cream instead of coconut... how can I not?

I took my best friend there for a birthday brunch earlier this year. We both got waffles, of course! Ashleigh got the strawberry waffles, which I had last time, and I decided to try the Mixed Berry for something different. Both were amazing, of course. They had made their waffles gluten free since the last time I had them, but they do not suffer from this at all! They are so delicious! With maple syrup and soy ice cream. They have since changed the menu, and with different flavours of waffles. They also only now come with one waffle, which is actually good. Ashleigh and I were so full after these double waffles we didn't eat dinner!

Mixed Berry and Strawberry Waffles at Ginger & Rose

We also ordered some air fried chips with vegan aioli. A huge bowl! With this and the waffles, we couldn't finish all the chips. I am sorry to waste you potato!

Chips & Aioli at Ginger & Rose

And, of course, milkshakes. With soy ice cream. I will never not be excited about that. I had strawberry, Ashleigh had butterscotch.

Butterscotch & Strawberry Milkshakes at Ginger & Rose

I also went last month with some friends for brunch. We got smoothies, a mango passionfruit for them and a acai banana strawberry for me.

Mango Passionfruit Smoothie and Acai Smoothie at Ginger & Rose

I stepped away from waffles to try a savoury option - The Big Vegan. Tempeh, not-sausage, rosti, avocado, tomato, spinach, mushrooms, and toast. It was big and satisfying, but didn't make me feel too full. I loved the tempeh a well, there is not enough tempeh on menus in Brisbane. It was piled high on the plate, so a bit hard to see everything here!

Big Vegan at Ginger & Rose

My friends got the Smashed Avocado Toast (which came with quinoa, zucchini ribbons, herb salad, and beetroot puree) and the Tortilla Bowl (quinoa, zucchini, tempeh, mushrooms, avocado and herbs). Both were enjoyed. The bowl was a bit messy to eat (the bowl being a tortilla), and my friend thought had too much parsley, but otherwise was good.

Avocado Toast at Ginger & Rose

Taco Bowl at Ginger & Rose

And of course I picked up a little something to take home, a peach and passionfruit muffin. So good. My friends had the banana cake, which was amazing, but I didn't get a good photo of it.

Peach and Passionfruit Muffin at Ginger & Rose

I've been back since, so look out for more posts with their delicious food!

Ginger and Rose - Crn of James & Merthyr, New Farm, Brisbane - (07) 33388866

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Gizmo on the parent's bed

Gizmo was so good at making herself comfortable.


  1. I really think you could start a business being a vegan food tour guide! I swear you find the most beautiful food when you eat out!!
    Although I love coconut ice cream, I really enjoy soy ice cream. I always have. I don't know if I would choose strawberry or butterscotch!!!
    Gizmo looking like the comfy princess!

    1. That would be a dream job! I love playing tour guide when people visit.

  2. Oh wow!! Ginger and Rose looks so incredible! Every single thing you posted looks like absolute perfection and something I wish I had in front of me right now! I typically go for more savory breakfast options but those waffles look so good!

    Awww Gizmo!!! How adorable!

    1. I'm normally a savoury breakfast kind of woman. But I do make an exception for pancakes and waffles. As long as they are sensible and fruity, like these. Some places have breakfast waffles that are beyond even what I would consider for a dessert!

  3. I love the name Ginger and Rose. So pretty. I might have to steal it somehow. lol Those waffles sound super yummy.

    1. I love the name too, it is just so lovely.

  4. Wow, the waffles look even better than last time, so pretty!
    Precious Gizmo! <3