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Recipe Round-Up: Bold Flavoured Vegan Cooking

A new contender enters the ring! I haven't done a recipe round-up for Bold Flavoured Vegan Cooking (by Celine Steen) yet, but I have posted about one of the recipes before here. I'm going to have a few posts for stuff I have made so far from this book. I was a recipe tester for it, so I have made a bunch of things! The bold flavours loosely are Savoury, Spicy, and Sweet. 'But Susan!' I hear you say, 'Spicy?' Yes, spicy. So when I tested for this book it was at a time when I hadn't completely lost my tolerance for spicy, but I still needed to make things very mild. Celine was super cook about me reducing the heat (and leaving out capsicum and coconut oil) during my testing, I was her spicy wimp tester. Let's get into it, shall we?

Chickpea-Nut Croquettes with Asian-Style Peanut Salad: What a lovely and refreshing combination these two recipes make! The croquettes are amazing, packed full of chickpeas, peanut butter, carrots, panki, coriander, and more. I loved them. The salad is a blend of carrot and cucumbers, sliced into ribbons, in a dressing that makes it almost a quick pickled salad. I decreased the amount of sambal oelek in both of them.
Rating: Croquettes :D, Salad :)

Chickpea-Nut Croquettes and Asian Peanut Salad

Pulled Jackfruit Rolls: What a stellar recipe, and it included my piece de resistance - making a super mild gochujang. I am a master spicy wimp! The book also has a basics chapter, which are not your usual basics, and a lot of the recipes use components from there. This sandwich is amazing! But it does take a while, as the jackfruit and slow simmers in a delicious sauce for an hour. The sauce includes the gochujang. It also calls for Lapsan Souchong tea, but I couldn't find any so there is a sub provided for liquid smoke instead. The sandwich is assembled with mayo, grated carrot (which I used in place of red cabbage), cucumber, and the most amazing pickles. The Asian Pear Pickles are just so delicious and delightful and an absolute MUST!
Rating: Sandwich :D, Pickles :D

Pulled Jackfruit Rolls with Asian Pear Pickles

Matcha Tempeh and Pickled Veggies Sandwiches: I didn't make this recipe exactly as it was meant to be made, as I had made the matcha tempeh for another recipe and was using some of it up here. But the matcha tempeh is really the star of this show, and I highly recommend it! The rest of the sandwich has some wasabi mayo and quick pickled veggies. The pickled veggies are where I had to improvise with what I had on hand, so I used the carrot but I used cucumber instead of bok choy and I left out the radishes and scallions. Regardless, it makes for a lovely sandwich combination.
Rating: :)

Matcha Tempeh and Pickled Veggies Sandwich

Caramelised Jackfruit Tacos: Confession, I made these corn tortillas. Can you tell? Ha! I really don't like store-bought corn tortillas, so most of the time I just sub them for wheat ones. But occassionally I will make my own (using the recipe from The Taco Cleanse). But that is neither here nor there for this recipe. This is another great flavour combination. The jackfruit is tossed with a glaze and baked, which is really nice and not something I had done with jackfruit before. The tacos also have some lime-y broccoli, coriander, and pickles on them. The book calls for the Peppers in a Pickle recipe, I used the liquid part of that but pickled carrots and cucumbers instead.
Rating: :)

Caramelised Jackfruit Tacos

Smoky Kale and Chickpeas with Miso Peanut Drizzle: This is super fast to make, with the chickpeas and kale just needing a quick sautee. They are really just a vehicle for the sauce. It calls it 'drizzle', but you will want to drown everything in this amazing delicious sauce. I served this with some roasted sweet potatoes as well.
Rating: :D

Smoky Kale and 'Peas with Miso Peanut Drizzle

Kinoko Gohan: This is Celine's spin on a classic Japanese dish of 'mushroom rice'. Rice is cooked in a mushroom dashi broth, and then mixed through with sauteed mushrooms. The cookbook version has the addition of kim chi, which the tester version did not, but I would just be leaving that out regardless. Topped with some grated carrot, sauteed enoki mushrooms, and served over baby spinach with some baked tofu on the side.
Rating: :)

Kinoko Gohan with Shichimi Togarashi

Chazuke (Matcha Soaked Rice): This has a double hit of matcha, with a matcha-infused broth as well as matcha tempeh, however it is never overpowering. It just adds a subtle but lovely flavour to the dish. This recipe is also topped with Japanese Carrot Pickles, which are very easy to make.
Rating: Chazuke :), Carrot Pickles :)

Chazuke (Matcha-Soaked Rice)

Tamarind Miso Soup: A fun combination of two flavours I really enjoy. This is a light soup, with bok choy and carrots in a broth made of all sorts of fun things. Including some hefty doses of miso and tamarind for a really rice and tangy flavour.
Rating: :)

Tamarind Miso Soup

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  1. The kale, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and sauce sounds like a perfect meal!

    1. It was. I don't use sweet potato enough.