Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Eating Out: Market Organics

Yes, you read that right. Eating OUT. I have dipped my toe into the waters of dining in, but only once and only for one special occasion. My friend and co-worker's goodbye. Brisbane is back to doing really well in the COVID stakes, but that isn't an excuse to go back to everything being normal. My friend discussed with the cafe before hand to make sure we would all be happy with their COVID plan, and we were. It was just a small group of us, and all people who I see at work all the time. I was still pretty wary, but overall felt that it was as safe a space as a space could be. And it was nice for a couple of hours to be a person in the world. I won't suddenly be eating out all over the place, I have no plans to eat out again for some time, but it was a moment in time that I treasured. Next week this section will be back to the usual delivery and take away.

But what is the place? I hear you scream. Or not, I realised it is in the title of the post. We went to the cafe attached to Market Organics in Newmarket. Annoyingly, it used to be all vegan and vegetarian, but then it changed ownership and now there is meat. But at least they still have a number of vegan options on the menu.

I got a beautiful looking Velvet Latte, which was a beetroot and turmeric latte. I hoped it would have more flavour than most other beetroot lattes, where you are basically drinking warm pink soymilk. It had the slightest hint of more flavour. At least it was pretty!

Velvet Latte at Market Organics

For food I got the 'Mushrooms', which is sourdough with mushroom pate, sauteed 'forest' mushrooms (enoki and shiitake), kale, broccolini, and salsa verde. I got the vegan version of it, which came with cashew cheese rather than feta, and I also had a side of avocado with it. Because of course! This was delicious, and very filling.

Sauteed Mushrooms at Market Organics

The cafe is attached to a store with a lot of vegan options, so I popped in and brought myself a selection of interesting things, keep an eye out for my thoughts on these eventually in midweek munchies posts.

Market Organics Haul

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Jed trying his best

The friend and colleague we were farewelling was Jed's mum. Here is a photo of Jed on one of the last days I was with him. He was trying very hard to get another colleague's lunch. It is important to reach for your dreams.


  1. Your mushroom dish sounds wonderful; I'm glad you were able to safely enjoy a meal out!
    Jed looks quite determined, hehe!

    1. It was nice. I have no plans to eat out again for some time, I see so many restaurants I like posting photos where they are clearly not doing distancing. I need a lot of research before I will go to another place!