Friday, 21 June 2019

Midweek Munchies

This midweek munchies is more of a late-week munchies, writing this on a Friday afternoon, but the goods are still the same!

I made these rice cakes topped with mashed sweet potato and Vegenaise, avocado, and tomato. Two of them also had a bit of the Ikea black seaweed caviar on it for a bit of saltiness. This was a very fast and easy lunch using up some things I had kicking around.

Rice cakes with Sweet potato, tahini dressing, avocado, tomato, Ikea vegan caviar

I think I mentioned this in one of my Mystery Box posts, where I got another one of these. I was super excited for peanut butter, but they just mix the peanut butter through the chocolate so you don't get that nice contrast of flavours.

Chow Cacao Peanut Butter Slab

This random lunch I call Depression Dining. I was having a bad day, I didn't know what I wanted to eat, if I wanted to eat. But I knew I should. So I just randomly put things in a pot. A little tin of baked beans, a little tin of creamed corn, some baby spinach, a lot of nutritional yeast, and topped with ketchup. Actually really comforting.

Depression Dining: Creamed corn, baked beans, spinach, nooch, ketchup

These Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Cherry and Almond Coconut Clusters were delicious! A really nice flavour combination. They were messy to eat, because they were all crushed up a bit inside the packed. Some were big, others were more like crumbles, and you ended up with chocolate all over your hands! But worth it.

AlterEco Cherry and Almond Butter Coconut Clusters

By the time I'd fished out the larger clusters, there were lots of little crumbly bits left. So I sprinkled them over some natural yoghurt (I love the Impressed Almond Milk one) and added some fresh raspberries for a fun snack.

Yoghurt, Alter Eco Coconut Cluster, Raspberries

Finally, a silly juice. I just can't say no to something ridiculous, and black juice with charcoal just amuses me so much. It mostly tasted of apple, as so many of them do. Sigh. Sadly a lot of the charcoal had compacted down in the bottom crevices of the bottle, and no amount of shaking it up would get them loose!

You Juice

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

My sweet sleepy black bean. Dim Sim continues to do well!


  1. I love rice cakes so much! Especially being gluten free, they're cheaper than GF bread and I love the crunch!!
    The charcoal craze amuses me. I haven't had any beverages because it kind of freaks me out.
    I am beyond happy that little Miss Dim Sim is doing well!!

    1. You inspired me to get the rice cakes!
      If something is charcoal, I will get it. I just find it really funny. Plus black food is kind of cool.

  2. OMG Dim Sim is too much, that picture is so so sweet. The meals all look great, I love your rice cake topping combination. The Alter Eco snack looks delicious too, have you ever tried their Quinoa Chocolate Bar? It is my favorite but so hard to find now!

    1. She is ridiculously sweet. :)
      I love the quinoa chocolate bar! It is so crunchy and fun to eat. I used to be able to get it fairly easily here, but I haven't bought any for a while so I will have to keep an eye out for it.

  3. I almost got those alter eco clusters! Well, maybe not that exact flavor. But my grocery store was getting rid of them to not carry anymore, so they were half off, but I passed on it. Kind-of glad I did because they sounded messy.

    Also IKEA sells vegan caviar? They sell the weirdest selection of vegan things.