Thursday, 13 June 2019

Midweek Munchies

I missed out on a munchies post last week because life got away from me, but not this week!

I was excited for this cookie because I love peanut butter, but alas this was not good. It tasted like protein powder, and just had a weirdly smooshie texture. They have other flavours, but I will not be trying this brand again.

Start Me Up Vegan Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

Syndian is a company here that does vegan stuff. In the supermarkets you can mostly find their burgers and their bites, which I generally don't get as they are pricey and they are too soft to make a satisfying burger experience for me. But they recently came out with some flavoured sausages, complete with plant-based casing. These cheesy kale ones were pretty tasty. Again, a bit too soft once you got through the casing, but fun flavour.

Syndian Cheesy Kale Sausages

The Deep Dive Bar in Seattle (something to do with Amazon), came out with a ridiculous fancy hot dog. The classic 'Seattle Dog' has cream cheese and sauteed onions (and I love it), but this bar has tried to make it very classy by using cream cheese, pickled red onion, pickled jalapenos, and pink salmon roe. They also attached an US$18 price tag as well. I recreated it a bit at home, in a not so fancy fashion. Using a Field Roast Frank, I took the more tradition route with tofutti and sauteed onions (pickled onions, though delicious, upset my tummy a bit), left off the jalapenos, and topped it with some Ikea seaweed caviar. You can get red caviar from Ikea, though I had black so that is what I used. It was a fine combination, though I wouldn't bother doing it again. Anyway, behold my terrible photo of it!

Seattle Fancy Hotdog

I got these in a Cruelty Free Shop Mystery Box, and I really enjoyed them. They are so crunchy and fun to eat. I need to get some more.

Peas Please Crunchy Snacks

I needed some cookies to make as a gift, and couldn't go past these Ginger Chai Chocolate Chip Cookies from PlantCrush. They were such a good flavour combination! I used some brown sugar and plain flour to simplify the recipe for my pantry. I used an AU TBS (20mL) as a scoop and got 20 cookies from the recipe. I baked them a few minutes longer in my oven to get them where I wanted them to be. I recommend this recipe!

Ginger Chai Chocolate Chip Cookies from Plantcrush Blog

Finally, a fun little haul I got from Nutrition, Delicious & Co on one of their 20% off days. Most excitingly, the New Wave Pizza. I haven't had it yet, but it is made by the same people who run the Red Sparrow vegan pizzeria in Melbourne and their pizzas are so good. I also got a new flavour of the Nutty Bay Cashew Cheese spread that I love, a tasty Elderflower water kefir, some trusty Tofutti cream cheese, a halva bar (that I just realised I haven't tried yet, it is somewhere in my stash of bars), and some Bamboo Babe panty liners. Unfortunately I can't recommend these, as by the end of the day they were always falling apart. I will stick with a mix of Toms and my reusable ones from Hannah Pad for the moment.

Haul from Nutritious, Delicious, & Co

I hope your week has brought you some good munchies!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


We have some new kittens at work! This is Sesame, and she is tiny and cute and dainty looking but she is also so full on! She wrestles her brothers with no holds bars! I'll show you her brothers next post.


  1. I love the Peas please snacks! So addictive! I seriously need ginger chai chocolate chip cookies in my life! That sounds like an amazing combo!!!
    I'm sorry but Sesame is definitely the most delicious thing in this post!!!! What a face!

    1. Don't you just want to eat her up? In a vegan way of course. ;)

  2. OMG I needed some tiny Sesame love in my life. How freaking sweet is she? I love the Pea snacks too, they are addictive and delicious. The cookies you made look delicious and I'm with you, not really a fan of protein cookies. They always taste like protein powder so I don't get the appeal.

    1. I don't really need protein in cookie form anyway, so I am happy to skip them all together.
      Sesame is the sweetest little puff girl! I know she is sending you love.

  3. Sesame is so sweet!! I think she & Cally could be good friends.