Wednesday, 8 April 2009

UK food extravaganza - S1E1.

Hello my beloved readers!

I am back, I have returned. I am at work. I am still slightly jet lagged. I have the snuffles. And I haven't even looked at my Google Reader yet to see how much I have to catch up on! But the good news? The trip was WONDERFUL! I had such a good time. We travelled to so many amazing places and saw so many fabulous things. I have nearly 1000 photos on my computer to back that up. ;) But, what you all care about is the food. And OMG... there was food. I engaged in some extreme eating, let me tell you! So, without further ado let me take you on my journey... through food... mwahaha. I have a lot of photos of food, so I will break this up into parts.

First of all, to get to the UK a girl has to fly for a LONG time. I flew with Singapore Airlines. I confirmed and reconfirmed and reconfirmed again that I had a vegan meal, and then I packed a bunch of snacks!

I caught the 2.45pm flight out of Brisbane, so this was.... a really early dinner? Anyway, it was quite tasty! The pumpkin and beans were just steamed to heck and kind of watery, but were still OK. The pasta mushroomy pasta sauce was yummy. There was a salad, of course. And even a little tub of Nuttelex for my roll. Normally I stear clear of using the margering provided, because they never have ingredients and one even boasted of being 40% english butter, so it was nice to know I could eat this. And what is that little thing you can see peeking in on the side? Next to the rather non vegan skim milk sachet?

It is this adorable vegan and gluten free banana berry heart-shaped friand from Rowie's Cakes, which I used to pass every day on my way to and from uni when I lived in Marrickville. Sadly most of their other products contain eggs.

Alas, my next offering... a light late dinner shortly before arriving in Singapore... was not so fabulous...

If you think that looks like soggy spring rolls, you are right. Not only soggy, but flavourless. Blergh! That little patty to the right was a dry flavourless corn cake of some description. On rice. At least the ratatouille to the left has some moistness and flavour. But overall, BLERGH.

I landed in Singapore and went for a stroll around the entire terminal while I was waiting for my next flight to board two hours later. All the way down in Terminal 2, I stumbled across Mr Bean, a place that sells lots of delicious soy. I got a watermelon flavoured soy milk, which was delicious. They also had carrot and celery flavoured, which was intriguing but I didn't have time for more drinking. I had a shower to have and a plane to catch to London!

And here is the super late supper. But this stage I had been awake for over 24 hours and it was already after 11pm in Singapore time. Again, it was OK. The pasta and sauce was nice. There was a salad that had some hearts of palm in it for a change, and some sultanas. The roll was super sweet. And dessert was a sort of semi set fruit pudding with lychees, which was probably the highlight! There was a moment of panic here - the first thing they brought me was an ovo-lacto lasagne covered in grotty cheese! Thankfully they had my vegan meal tucked away.

Then came the attempting to sleep. And the burning fire of my dodgy knees as I tried to find a position to sleep in. And then came that shining light - breakfast!

This was awesome! A tasty, tasty hashbrown, mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans, fresh fruit, a roll with jam and cereal with a big soy milk popper equals a very satisfying breakfast!

After 24 hours, the only thing I had eaten from my big snack bag was the apple scroll I had brought. And I was heading into London....

Where I shall pick up the next section of this tale!


  1. Yay you're back! (or boo hiss your back on your behalf? :P)

    Some of the plane food looks great, some not so much ;) Corn cake on rice doesn't inspire me much. That heart shaped friand, yum!

    It's good to have you back. I can't wait to see the rest of the yummy food (and if you're blog addiction is as bad as mine is I feel sorry for you when you open your google reader :P Mine is sitting at 67 and I haven't even been anywhere!)

  2. yay! at least you got some good eats, watermelon soy milk sounds YUMMY!

  3. Hellooooooo good to see you back and safe. That airline food doesn't look too too bad and at least there was LOTS of it.

  4. That is the best plane food I've ever seen! Well, except for the soggy spring rolls. :-)

    Mr. Wing-it would go crazy for that watermelon flavored soy milk! He's a big watermelon freak!

  5. Looks like you scored with the vegan airline food! I am impressed by the Rowie's friand, looks lovely! As does the breaky with the hash brown, yum!