Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A Supernatural break in the regular programing.

There has been a recent break in the regular programing with regards to the UK trip. I haven't being slack, I have in fact been a raving fan girl. This is what has taken me away from the blog:

Oh. So. Frakking. Hot! (Excuse the fact that I look slightly stunned and plastic. You try not being a little bit stunned in the face of suction beautiful perfection).

I spent the weekend in Sydney at the Hub Productions All Hell Breaks Loose Supernatural Convention. Oh yeah, I have basked in the glory of three of the prettiest boys on earth.

We had the most awesome seats for the Q&A, and were able to get many more beautiful photos of them. To see some of them, head on over to the lovely Zucker Baby's blog post. Her camera is better than mine so she got the best photos!

ZB also had offered to catered for the Platinum VIP afternoon tea - did I mention that we had Platinum VIP tickets? Because we did! So all day and night Friday and Saturday night after the cocktail party was a blur of baking. I assisted as her trusty kitchen wench. Cherry Chocolate Tarts, Chocolate Fudge Mousse Tarts, Passionfruit Melting Moments and Mini Banana Cheezecakes with Truffle were on the agenda.

Anyway, I shall resume normal programing and carry on to Scotland as soon as my feet come back to the ground. MASSIVE FAN GIRL SQUEEEEE!


  1. SQUEEEE!!!!

    Also, rawwrrrr, eeeeee and GOOORRREEE!!

    I love how when you click on the photos, the Misha one is ginormous!! That's because he is made of awesome!!

    ...yeah, fangirliness hasn't yet left the building...


  2. Aw, I love how Misha's got his arm 'round you! What a sweetie :) Glad you had a great time, eeee!!

  3. Lucky you! I have never seen Supernatural but I'm a huge fan of 'Gilmore Girls' so I'm familiar with Jared Padalecki's work! >;)
    I'm glad you had such an awesome weekend.

  4. Oh my god I cannot begin to convey my envy!!!!! Please tell me you at least tried to cop a feel???

    Arrghh facial hair. I love those boys so much and damn they're just so pretty!

    You met Castiel too. OK I'm going to go cry into my cup of tea now.

    I second ZuckerBaby's SQUEEEEE!!

  5. You look so teeny tiny next to those big boys!
    Glad you had an awesome weekend :D