Thursday, 24 December 2015

Recipe Round-Up: Let Them Eat Vegan

Let Them Eat Vegan by Dreena Burton is my second favourite of her four cookbooks that I have (I don't have Plant Powered Families... yet). It is full of healthy and fun recipes, including a hefty cookie and ice cream section. It is the home of the Berry Patch Brownie recipe that will revolutionise your bake sales! But has lots of other great recipes as well. I have blogged about other recipes I've made from this book before.

Citrus-Scented Almond Muffins: These muffins are based on barley flour and almond meal, which gives them a nice texture, though I could have done with them being a little stronger with the citrus flavour, which comes from orange and lemon zest.
Rating: :)

Citrus-Scented Almond Muffins

Lemon-Infused Mediterranean Lentils with Roasted Fennel with Orange and Thyme: This was a lovely dinner with some good flavours. The lentils have a nice lemon and herb kick, and are studded with pine nuts, capers, tomatoes and olives. Dreena loves roasted fennel, and the side dish was one of two flavour options. It was sensational! I also served this with some green beans and brown rice.
Rating: Lentils :), Fennel :D

Lemon-Infused Mediterranean Lentils; Roasted Fennel with Orange and Thyme

Potato, Shallot, and 'Pepper' Frittata with Simplicity Asparagus: So obviously I didn't use capsicum in the frittata because gross. I subbed in some grated carrot, corn kernels and chopped sun-dried tomatoes instead. It was amazing! The base is a cashew and tofu blend, which is fairly soft but still sets up nicely as you can see. Very sliceable! I paired it with Dreena's asparagus suggestion, which is very simple roasted asparagus with lemon, salt and pepper.
Rating: Frittata :D, Asparagus :)

Potato, Shallot, and 'Pepper' Frittata; Simplicity Asparagus

Mediterranean Bean Burgers with Romesc-Oat Sauce: Dreena does good burgers. These are based on kidney beans and oats, with lots of herbs and add-ins for extra flavour. Plus they hold together very well. I served this with an out-of-character for me romesc-oat sauce, which was included a roasted red capsicum. But there are plenty of other flavours in there, including almonds and oats, and the flavour mellows nicely if allowed to sit in the fridge for several hours, so it was actually not too bad! Much better than other capsicum-based sauces I have for some reason tried. I served it all over a big green salad.
Rating: Burgers :D, Sauce :)

Mediterranean Bean Burgers; Romesc-Oat Sauce

Citrus Tahini Dressing and Chickpea Pumpkin Seed Burgers: This was a tasty burger patty, with rice, oats, chickpeas and pepitas making up the base. The recioe calls for Annie's Goddess Dressing, which we don't have here, but there is an option included for if you don't have access to this (or can't have it because it contains gluten). The citrus tahini dressing was quite sweet and thick, with orange and lemon juice providing the citrus flavour. The oil is optional, I left it out.
Rating: Dressing :), Burger :)

Citrus Tahini Dressing; Chickpea Pumpkin Seed Burgers

Black Bean, Quinoa, and Sweet Potato Spicy Croquettes with Pumpkin Seed Chipotle Cream: The croquettes are cute and come together easily, and have a very pleasant flavour. The pumpkin seed cream was fun, using a mix of cashews and pepitas and some Tabasco hot sauce (I added just a tiny bit of that).
Rating: Croquettes :), Cream :)

Black Bean, Quinoa, and Sweet Potato Spicy Croquettes; Pumpkin Seed Chipotle Cream

Juicy Grilled Portobellos and Three-Bean Salad: I like grilled mushrooms, even if they are considered 'boring' by some. This is a very easy marinade, and it certainly does cook up nice and juicy! The salad was a nice addition to this dinner, and also keeps well for lunch - I got about three serves out of it. As well as beans there is celery and apple added in, and the apple gives it a yummy touch.
Rating: Portobellos :), Salad :)

Juicy Grilled Portobellos; Three-Bean Salad

Macadamia Ice Cream with Warm Strawberry Sauce: This ice cream has a base of coconut milk and raw macadamia buts. It was very rich, but not too bad in the coconut fat stakes (I have a low tolerance). I used a mix of coconut and plain sugar in the recipe. The sauce cooks down very well and thickens into a great topping. I used some slightly older strawberries and it was a great use for them.
Rating: Ice Cream :), Sauce :)

Macadamia Ice Cream with Warm Strawberry Sauce

Quinoa Nicoise: I made up a batch of this for lunches one day, and got three good servings. It keeps very well. The dressing starts off very rangy, but mellows a bit with time. This was a very nice and refreshing salad.
Rating: :)

Quinoa Nicoise

DJ's Hummus Salad Dressing: This recipe made enough for one big salad. It does call for agave nectar as an ingredient, but go easy on it because it can easily make it a bit too sweet.
Rating: :)

DJ's Hummus Salad Dressing

Tomorrow is the 25th of December here in Australia. Whatever the day is to you, I hope you have a good one!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Ruby and Clarence

These two cuties were some adult adoption cats from several years ago, that used to keep my company while I was on call. I am happy to report that they were both adopted out and are currently living happily with their forever families. :)


  1. I hope your day is wonderful! Adorable kitties!

    1. They were super cute little friends. Hope you had a great day.

  2. I like the look of everything in this post, especially those burgers. Seasons greeting to you Susan xxx

    1. Dreena knows her way around a burger! Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. I really want one of those almond muffins with a huge spoonful of the strawberry sauce!

  4. Sleeping kitties are adorable =)
    Oooh I have this cookbook. I'm realizing I have made surprisingly little from it. I suck at making burgers, so maybe I should give some of these a try.
    The Juicy Grilled Portobellos sound especially delicious (I'm such a sucker for mushrooms!)

    1. I love mushrooms as well.
      I am always wary making burgers - will they fall apart? But Dreena's are pretty great. Good for building burger confidence.

  5. I like Dreena's books, but I haven't used this one so much. I really loved the croquettes with the pumpkin cream sauce, and the Mediterranean lentils are very good, especially eaten cold. Your comments will come in handy for my next attempts. Have you tried the Momelets and the Granola recipe. They are great.